What Wrong With Love?

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After a few years of Debut, suddenly GFRIEND get a collabration with the most powerful boy group, EXO.

Never know that this sunbaenim is so different from their image.

Every member have their history and problem.

Lets' catch up how they got close in 7 days of preparation for their ads and fall in love to each other.


Hello everyone!

While going through my lappy I found my first fanfics and I thought maybe I just posted it here. So, I just expanding my story by added a few thing inside here since this is my fanfic from 2017.

It's a one shot and everything just going through so fast in this story.

Well, love story is something you can't expected. They can be happen today and tomorrow with someone you know from yesterday or 5 years ago.

I still ship the same couple until now.

Everything in here just for imagination and don't take it seriously for hating other idol :)

Hola! I'm back with my ninth FF! Isekai hits me hard these few days, hence I create this with Isekai vibes!

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