Yeri POV:

I was sleeping in Mr. Jung's English class (I studied in England for 2 years) when I heard someone loudly scribbling on a sheet of paper, I turned and saw that it was my seat mate and friend Tzuyu writing my friend Sana's name on a sheet of grid paper, I was shocked since I didn't even know that she liked s so I asked her,



"Tzuyu why the are you writing Sana's name repeatedly on a sheet of paper?"
"Because if I heard correctly she's the schools biggest supplier in well um... y'know."



"Oh", I said only to come to realization of what she said a second later



"WAIT A MINUTE" I thought, how would she know this if I as one of the most spoken to kids in 11th grade didn't.


"Sis spill" I said. She looked like she really thought that I wouldn't figure out so she hesitated a bit before responding with,"Okay so maybe I heard her banging some people in the handicapped bathroom". 
"Wait people?" I said, she just shrugged and went back to her writing.




"Well at least I have a conversation starter for her now" I said. It was at this moment when my of a teacher Jung Jeffrey or Jaehyun asked me and Tzuyu if we had anything to say. Me being the person that I am responded with "Yes Mr. Jung we were just discussing about how many small tampons it would take to rip your mouth apart, y'know for practice". Mr. Jeff being the cool man he was replied,"wait really, how many did you come up with?", I said 13 and he nodded and turned his back to the board and continued writing different ways to express anger in English.



I then got a text from Sooyoung saying to go to our spot in the library, so I asked Jeff if I could go to the restroom for a moment, he said yes so I set on the trip not knowing that what I'd see would kind of traumatize me...

(To be continued lol)

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