Doyoung has an ability. With a single touch to another person's hand he recieves a vision of the worst moral crime that person has ever committed. This ability is rare, so rare that Doyoung's brother was the only other person who held it. Until he was brutally murdered by one of the most violent gangs in Seoul who would kill to kidnap Doyoung and use his ability for their own evil. However, gang leaders Johnny and Jaehyun plan to make it their mission to protect Doyoung at all costs, even if that means potentially laying down their lives for him in the bitter end. 


Hallo. I don't have a lot of experience in writing fan fiction but I hope whoever stumbles across this will enjoy it and try overlook any goofs I make. Stan NCT!!


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MeinAltire #1
Chapter 6: interesting, looking forward :)