bunny's leap

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seungwan takes in an abandoned bunny hybrid. this is a collection of their stories as they grow up together.



(note: these stories are not in the au's chronological order; they are written based on the prompts i am given)

01 - outline / generation description of joohyun and her relation to seungwan. written in headcanon format.

02 - off-kilter / seungwan leaves the house to run a quick errand while joohyun is asleep. she returns home to a broken item with joohyun nowhere to be seen.

03 - downpour / joohyun is startled by something and runs out into the rain. seungwan, too late, rushes to go find her.

this has been changed to a collection of things i write for my hybrid au. prompts for this au can be submitted on my tumblr.
thank you for your support everyone. i hope you enjoy.
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