Next To Her


Lalisa Manoban was quirky and timid. Held it off with a pessimistic and strong attitude for anyone to think twice before encountering. The only threat she posed was to herself, and staying with Jennie Kim was what she wanted to make it go away.


WARNING!! (or maybe not really lol) 

this fic is written in a style I haven't tried enough before and not common enough to be called everyone's cup of tea. I am trying it out as an experiment (and also as an excuse for easier writing lol) so I apologize if its format or structure may throw some readers off but I try to find ways to make characters reach out to their audiences more. 

I'll appreciate any kind of feedback. Yes, even negative because I'm so open lol. Suggestions, sure thanks! Even if you don't have feedback to give, thank you for taking your time to read this. It's already enough for me :)

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