Decorate My Undecorated Days (I've Been Looking for a Reason)


Typically, these things are supposed to start at the starting line. Meanwhile, Joohyun thinks it all starts with the crossing of a line, because surely, there's no protocol for this. Or, "I'm really sorry about all of this," Joohyun apologizes again, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly. "Can I make it up to you with a tub of ice cream and some Advil?"


Hiya friends! It's been quite a while!

Sorry for not being as active as I once was, I'm in approaching the end of my second year of college and things are as busy as ever lol

Writing's been increasingly tough to do this semester, but I'm still trying my best to write something new for everyone! I'm up to my neck in drafts and ideas! One of these days I'll finish them, I swear haha

Until then though, I decided to convert a fic that I wrote for a different kpop fandom (the original of which can be read here, if you're interested in checking it out) for everyone's seulrene-loving pleasure!

I also decided to change the way I released this fic from last time, since I felt like releasing all 24k words as a oneshot last time was a bit much XD I've split it up into 2 chapters this time around, just to give everyone a bit more of a break lol never fear though, the entire thing's already been written! I'll be posting the second half of this fic in a few days (or sooner, depending on what I'm feeling lol)

Anyway, that about does it!

Until next time,

~ pyrefly

P.S. find me on twitter at @pyrefiy!

P.P.S I guess I'll plug my ko-fi too if you wanna do the whole donation thing lol

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