Hey gorgeous, what you doing after 14 days?

Love from Six Feet Away

“Hi, do you have Dalgona coffee?”


If Chaeyoung hears this request one more time, she’s going to jump out of the drive thru window and get herself ran over.


In these trying times, the always optimistic Chaeyoung (it runs in her blood, just ask her unnie) is proud to be called an essential worker. Who knows that working in a coffee shop would make a great story to tell her future children someday? In this time of crisis, she became a hero by serving people their coffee.


When the first person drove by a few months ago and ask if they have Dalgona coffee. She actually tried to make one. If making a Dalgona coffee is what will make someone smile during the pandemic, then hell yeah, she’ll whisk it good.


She mixed her coffee, her sugar and water and she whisked. (cause her boss Joy thinks everything taste better manually, when what she’s actually saying is she’s too cheap to get one)


So, she whisked, and she whisked and she whisk some more until her Joy unnie started hyper ventilating. It scared Chaeyoung that she might have to steal a ventilator from real people who needs it.


It turns out the line of the drive thru has already wrapped around the coffee shop and with people suffering from cabin fever, there’s a lot of very, very pissed off coffee less drivers. That day, she realized this must be how a leaked girlfriend of a kpop boy group would go through, being called names that rhyme with pitch, bore, and her ultimate favorite plot.


Just because they can’t wait for their coffee.


And what’s worse…


She still hasn’t reached that frothy consistency that she saw in every IG and tiktok posts. So, after countless requests for that darn coffee, her once sunny demeanor turned into a storm.


But yeah, where was she? Oh yeah…


“No, I’m really sorry, we don’t. Why don’t you try Starbucks?” Chaeyoung said, hoping her tone dripping in sarcasm would end this.


“Oh, I’m not really a coffee fan, I just think that Dalgona coffee is pretty.”


“Well, there is always youtube you can just video it, ma’am.”


“You know what else is pretty?”


Chaeyoung back away a little bit, blown away by the crisp and low tone on the other side.


“A unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks?”


“No. You.”


“What?” Chaeyoung raise a really angry brow at the question.


“So, that’s probably why you wear a mask, because the last thing that the world needs to worry about is how gorgeous you are.”


This level of greasiness has Lalisa Manoban written all over it. She glares at the camera, hoping that the saying looks can kill could actually work. But instead she saw a girl with a cap pulled down on her face in a fancy schmancy sports car. As far as she knows Lisa don’t drive a fancy car. But right now, she’s too annoyed to think clearly.


“Lalisa Manoban is that you? Cause I swear to God, if you try your Do I have covid19 or do you just take my breath away line again, I swear I would let Leo turn you into a scratching post.”


What Chaeyoung heard in the other side, is the prettiest chuckle in the world, too bad it’s infuriating.


“You’re so adorable, Rosie.”


“Wait… what?”


But before she can catch this mystery girl, she saw the fancy sports car zoomed away. And if she was annoyed earlier, now she’s just downright pissed.




One step is okay.


Oh God, her heart.


Bae Joohyun clutched her chest, fearing her heart would break out from her ribs.


“Ohhhh I think my dear beloved unnie is ready to paraglide herself to the northern side.”


Her head snapped to the source of the noise and Irene is reminded again that a lover who is willing to cross enemy lines and get shot just to kiss you goodbye is nothing but a fantasy.


And this, a smirking idiot is her reality.


It that it has to be this way. Being the indoor addict that she is, having 14 days at home is like a reprieve that she always needed but could never get. Jennie is like a little sister to her, but damn for someone so short, she could be so bossy. But that’s why their start up company is already booming even if they’re just approaching year 2.


There were so many things that Irene has to catch up on, her laundry, her taxes are coming up soon, so she need to do that. But especially, what she has been waiting on for months.


Catch up on Son Yejin and Hyun Bin…


It was perfect, it really is. What she wasn’t counting was being stuck 14 days with her little sister Jisoo. Not little in a sense, but act like a darn kid 99.9 percent of the time. She’s 23 going on 12 and has given Joohyun hell since the moment she was born.


“God damn it, Jisoo.” She snapped, hoping it can ward off the bad spirit. “Can you just let me…” hoe. “watch the show in peace?”


“I don’t usually say this unnie,” Another little demon said, “But with your beauty it would be no surprise if Kim Jong un himself would wife you.”


And what’s worse her cousin Yeri is there too, sitting a good 5.9 feet away from her on the love couch.


“Be quiet.”


“Like why would you go with the hunky Captain Lee when you could get the great leader himself?” Yeri further explain her reason.


“True that unnie, El Presidente Kim has more of you to love.”


“If you two won’t stop-“


The sound of the doorbell stops her from committing murder. Jisoo was out of her seat in no time, knowing perfectly who it is.


“Oh, food is here.”


“Good morning, Bae Family.”


Joohyun’s ears perked up at the sound of the sweetest voice. Probably the only bright thing is interacting with the perky case officer everyday. What she weren’t expecting was such a cutie in that little blue uniform. This agent Son, was it? Look more like a little high schooler playing dress up.


Yoh Agent Son,” Joohyun heard a few scratches and scuffles as what you can imagine Jisoo digging through the care package. “Wait… There is no fried chicken here.”


“Ms. Bae –“ The case officer is ready to her apology, but Jisoo was lightning quick with her interruption.


“You can call me Jisoo, Ms. Bae is the 30 year old ahjumma I live with.”


“Well, we do have chicken.” The sweet voice on the other side of the door said.


“Chic- wha! Why is it pink?”


Okay, The eldest sister sighed in defeat. She stood up from her comfortable perch, ready to rescue this poor sweet voice officer away from her little sister.


“I’ll cook you fried chicken, Jisoo so just relax.”


“Oh hi. Ms. Bae.”


The case officer was more than thankful for her mask, because she could already feel how flushed her face is just by looking at the Goddess in front of her.


“Ah yes. I’m the 30 year old ahjumma that pays the bills around here and could kick out freeloaders whenever I feel like.”


“Wow. I mean… I mean… well, you don’t look 30 at all.”


Joohyun chuckles, “Oh yeah, how old do I look like?”




“Wait what?”


The case officer realized her tongue slipped before she can catch it, “I… I… I… mean twenty. Like around mid twenties.”


“Hi, sorry to interrupt your babymaking gazes, but Agent Son, do I look like a goat to you?”


“Ummm what?” Wendy’s brow shot up in confusion.


“Why are all of these vegetables here?”


“Oh. Ummm… It’s because being in quarantine limits our level of activity level.”


“The world might be ending and you expect me to eat leaves?”


“Okay, okay… you two.” Joohyun pulled away the two from the back of their shirts. “Agent Son has more important things to do than worry about you two.”


“Oh, I have to check your temperatures just to make sure.”


“Okay. Thanks for all that you do.” Joohyun says politely, while the other woman raises her temperature gun up.


“Your hands is shaking, Agent? Isn’t that one of the symptoms for Covid?”


“What? No. No…”


“And you’re a little red too. I think we need to take your temperature ourselves.”


“What? No. I got it.”


Beep. Beep. Beep.


The case officer shoots each girl in the forehead with her temperature gun. Sighing in relief to finally get away from there.


“Oh. All normal. Bye. See you tomorrow.”


The officer speeds off to the next house before any of the Bae family could say anything.




“I swear, Chaeng, I didn’t go to your coffeeshop today.” The lanky girl joins her bestfriend in the balcony.


“First off, your coffee ain’t that good.”


“Gee thanks.” Chaeyoung subtly rolls her eyes, her focus more on her guitar than her bestfriend.


“And second off, youtube is a black hole and I have no plans of leaving.” Lisa stood up, stretching those long limbs. “So, I was watching some videos how the people in Italy were singing in their balcony so I was planning maybe we could do it here too. I was planning to do kill this love by Blackpink but instead of love, we change it to covid. We going to kill this covid before it kills you too. Apropos, right?”


“But Lisa, I hate to break it to you but you’re not a singer.”


The taller girl tilts her head, trying to make sense why her bestfriend is acting all snappy today. “You’re a little female dog today. It’s the time of the month, huh?”


“What? No. it’s just that the customer I had today was just like… infuriating and…”


“Well, if they make you mad, just passive aggressively drop their coffee on their laps.”


“Trust me, I want to do that but- you know customer service and all.”


“Is she hot though?”


Count on Lisa to value the outside more than the inside.




“This girl is she worth the stress?” But their conversation came into a halt when they hear the balcony door next door slide open. “Oh, look it’s that cool unnie,” Chaeyoung and Lisa looked up one balcony over at them and Chaeyoung sees the Chaebol looking beauty joining them mere mortals.


She’s definitely a looker, oozing with that old money heiress flair that no amount of lottery money can buy. Only issue that Chaeyoung has is,


“She’s an unnie?” Chaeyoung leans over her bestfriend, whispering softly, “She’s kinda short.”


“What she lacks in height, makes up for her attitude.” Lisa waves a little too enthusiastically, and the cool unnie next door, gave her one of those A lister on the red carpet. “omo, even her little wave looks cool. She has her own company already and all that. She’s definitely lockdown and chill material.”


Her fawning was interrupted when her phone started vibrating,


Oh! It’s my baby calling…”


Lisa quickly bounce back inside the apartment, leaving Chaeyoung alone to fend herself over the pretty girl next door.


Chaeyoung turned around over to see her neighbor. Lisa is questionable about some things but her taste in looks is always a higher level. And even from a good 6 feet away or more Chaeyoung don’t know how to describe her.


Except that she’s the finest girl she ever saw in her whole life. Wanna take her home make her her wife.


Okay, Chaeyoung you’re losing it.


“Enjoying the view?”


Oh my God, was she staring that long?


“Ummm… Well… ahhh… I’m not… ummm…”


This Jennie seems to be an expert on ing with people’s minds and Chaeyoung is just getting ed. And the bad part is, she really doesn’t mind it at all.


But Jennie might have seen this fluster as a win, as she let out this haughty laugh that Chaeyoung could only describe as a victory.


“See you tomorrow, Rosie.”


Chaeyoung snaps her head so fast, she swears she almost broke her neck.


“Wait, did she just call me, Rosie?”




Hi guys sorry for being MIA for months. But I have more free time now, and more time to write. 


PS Please, I am working on my other fics and it would be out within this week, I know it's been awhile so just a little bit more. Thank you for the patience. You guys are amazing. 


PSS I watch youth with you and I think Lisa and the male judge are cute. 

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