Part 9

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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“Aaron” Wendy and Ayden on face time at night


“2 days from now is Seulgi birthday and I don’t know what gift I should buy for her. Do you have idea?”

“What she like the most?”

“She love drawing and play game”

“Shall I buy something on behalf of both of us?”

“Is it okay?”

“Sure, not a problem”

“Thanks babe”

“You’re welcome babe”

“We should sleep now, it’s late”

“Okay, goodnight Seungwan”

“Goodnight Aaron”


“Unnie, where are we going?” Joy ask curiously

“We will go to special place” Wendy just giving them grin but not really give them the answer

Their manager drop them in front of the luxury restaurant make the girls getting curious

“Are we eating in this expensive place?” Irene mouth open wide

“Yes, let’s go” the girls just tailing behind the Canadian girl

They greeted by a female receptionist at the front door “Reservation under Mr. Ayden Samuel” said Wendy

“Okay, this way ma’am” the staff walked them to VIP lounge and opens the door for them

“Hi girls” Ayden put his phone on the table as he saw the girls enter the place

“Hi oppa”

The lounge decorated exclusively for birthday. A medium size table filled with western foods and bear shape cake at the end of the table

“Is…is this for me?” Seulgi really surprise

“Yes, who else?” Wendy pats Seulgi head

“Whoever prepared this, thank you very much” Seulgi said with teary eyes

“Thanks to Ayden, he makes it for you”

“Thank you oppa” Seulgi beamed happy smile

“You like it?” Ayden smile

“Yes, like it so much”

“The cake is cute” Irene looking at the bear cake on the table

“I feel sorry for that cute cake because it will cut by unnie later” Yeri joking

“If you feel sorry, you will not get any piece of it” said Joy

“Yah!” Yeri hit Joy arm

“Aigooo this two, not stop bickering” Irene sighs

“Let me light up the candle” said Ayden and pick the lighter from the table to light up the candle

“Let sing birthday song for unnie” Joy said cheerfully

They sing birthday song for the bear while she non-stop smiling like idiot

“Make a wish first” said Irene while staring at Seulgi lovingly. The birthday girl clasped her hands together and closes her eyes. After that, she blow the candle and everyone clapped their hands

“Happy birthday, unnie!” Yeri and Joy exclaimed

“Thanks my babies” Seulgi hugging the girls and got kiss on her both cheeks

“Happy birthday, my baby bear” Irene hugging Seulgi and plant soft kiss on her cheek

“Thank you unnie”

Wendy pinch Seulgi cheek playfully “Happy bornday bear”

“Thanks Seungwan” Seulgi giggle

Then Seulgi turn to Ayden “Happy birthday. This is your gift” he gives a black shopping bag to Seulgi

Seulgi look very excited “What is this oppa?”

“Check it”

Seulgi pick a blue card from the bag and read it

Happy birthday, Kang Seulgi! May your days filled with laughter and succeed in every work you do. We always root for you!

Love, A & W

“A & W?” Joy frown

“Ayden and Wendy” Wendy answered

“Okay” the girls smirk evilly

The bear check the box and gasped loudly “PlayStation?”

“PlayStation 4 Pro, it comes with PlayStation VR so you can play game on it or watching movie” Ayden stated

“Oh my God, thanks for this expensive gift. I can’t wait to try it at home” Seulgi hold the box proudly

“Unnie, I’m very jealous right now” Yeri pouting

“Yah, you can play together with her at home” Irene back hugging the maknae

“I don’t want” Seulgi stuck her tongue out teasing the maknae

“Yah, don’t ” the leader said

Ayden pats Yeri head softly “You want it, sweetie?” he talk to Yeri like a father talking to a kid

“Yes” Yeri still eyeing the bag on Seulgi hands

“We will buy for you later”

Yeri eyes turn wide in disbelieve “Seriously?”


“Oppa, you don’t have to do that. I’m fine” Yeri feel awkward suddenly

“I insist, I will buy one for you” Ayden smile sweetly

“O…kay” Yeri said then she jump around

The older girls just watching Yeri antic with smile on their face. Yeri always hype up whenever she get something she really want

“Thanks for spoiling her” said Wendy

“I don’t want to let her down. It’s not a big deal after all”

“She not used to turn down by Seulgi because that bear always say yes to her so when Seulgi reject or ignore her, she will feel bad”

“Cute” Ayden giggle

“Yah, stop jumping around! We will start eating” Irene calling the maknae to sit

“Okay unnie” Yeri run to her chair and sit down with stupid grin

“Today is Seulgi unnie birthday but you’re happier than her” Joy looking at Yeri

“I just overwhelm by the happiness. Oh my God” Yeri blink her eyes

“Look like someone will get early birthday present” Seulgi chuckle

“We’re not buying anything for your birthday since Ayden give you a gift already” said Wendy

Yeri stop smiling and looking at Ayden “Oppa, is it early birthday present?”

“Depends on what you think” Ayden grin and stop eating for a while

“Unnie said they will not buy gift for me because I will get the gift from you. If unnie not give me anything, will you buy present for me?” Yeri showing puppy eyes

“Sure, just request anything and I will grant it”

“Yeay!” Yeri pump fist “I don’t want to be Kang daughter anymore. I will be Samuel daughter” Yeri stuck her tongue out to Seulgi

“Do you think Ayden oppa will take you as his daughter?” Joy smirk

“Oppa?” Yeri looking at Ayden again

“Why not” Ayden smile warmly

“Cool, I’m not Kang anymore” Yeri smirk

Irene scoff “Okay, I got it” she said with straight face

“Omo” Yeri cover

Wendy and Joy cackle “No kimchi fried rice for 3 months straight” they imitating Irene signature warning when Yeri make her upset

“Unnie, I’m sorry”

“It’s okay if you don’t want to be the Kang anymore. I can find new kid to replace you”

Yeri hugging Irene sideway “I don’t want to be Kang but you still my mom”

“If Irene is your mom of course you’re Kang” Seulgi said while cutting her food

“I guess Wendy unnie also don’t like it when you be Samuel daughter because she don’t want to take care of you” said Joy while stealing something from Yeri plate

“Yah, why me?” Wendy shocked

“If Ayden oppa is Yeri dad, you will be a mom, right oppa?” Joy laugh

“Yes, you’re right” Ayden play along with them

“I don’t want to be a mother too soon” said Wendy

“Heard that Kang Yerim. You only belong to Kang family so no way you can go out” Joy laughing hard

“Go home little Kang, your mother waiting for you” Seulgi high-five with Joy

“Okay” Yeri sigh defeat

“Eat your food and you two stop teasing her” Irene said


After dinner, Ayden bring them to the game shop to buy game console for Yeri. Ayden buy Xbox One S for the bubbly girl since she doesn’t want the same brand with Seulgi’s.


Early Thursday morning, Red Velvet member along with their manager go to Platinum building to sign the contract with the company. Everyone excited to start working after they heard that Sam Studio is no joke especially the technology that they use. They arrive at the tall building and walk inside the lobby where Jessica waiting for them

“Good morning Ms. Jessica” they exchange bow with each other

“Good morning and welcome to Platinum Corporation. Let go to meeting room at level 3” Jessica led them to the elevator. Then they enter the modern meeting room that makes everyone amazed just seeing the interior design

“Have a seat everyone. Mr. Daniel will come in few minutes” Jessica invited the guest to sit


Few minutes after they sit, door open from outside revealing a woman in formal attire come in follow by Eric. They assume that the woman is Eric secretary

“Good morning members of Red Velvet and managers” Eric greet with polite smile

“Good morning Mr. Eric”

“Today we will sign 2 contracts and agreements that we mentioned in our last meeting. One is for our project and one more is the contract that Mr. Samuel mentioned to all of you. My secretary will give the papers to you all to sign. We have 2 copies inside your folder. One is for you to keep and one more for the company. Read everything first and if you don’t have any objection, you may sign it”

“Okay sir” the girls said

“Ms. Kim, please give their folder” Eric directed to his secretary

“Take your time to read. If you have any question, you may ask”

“Okay” they girls open their folder to read the documents

Eric talk again after that “I just got the order from our Managing Director for the manager of Red Velvet. All of you also will be part of the company as long as you work with this group. Our representative discussed with your CEO and she agree to assign 6 of you to be the permanent manager for the group”

The managers looking a

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