Part 7

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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“Bye oppa, see you tomorrow” Joy, Seulgi and Wendy waving at their manager who drive them home after filming a variety show

“Bye girls” the manager said before drive away

“Let go unnie!” Joy exclaimed happily but before she skip towards the entrance, a familiar car stop in front of them

“Seungwan, your prince charming” Seulgi teasing Wendy

“Yah, Kang Seulgi” Wendy hit Seulgi arm embarrassingly

“Hi Ayden oppa” Joy greet Ayden happily

“Hello Joy, Seulgi”

“Hello” the girls said happily

Wendy frowned when Ayden still not looking at her let alone greet her. She start to feel jealous and upset

“By the way, where is Wendy?” Ayden laugh under his breathe

“Ehh?” Joy and Seulgi startled when Ayden asking for Wendy who obviously stand beside them

“Is she kidnapped?”

“Oppa, this…” Joy pointed her thumb towards Wendy

Ayden playfully gasped “Seungwan, is that you?”

“Why?” Wendy asking in upset tone

“I thought this is not you”

“Funny” Wendy rolled her eyes

“Hehe, I’m sorry Wen”

“Oppa, we’re going upstairs now” Seulgi said

“Yeah sure”

Joy and Seulgi go to their dorm while Wendy still stay there glaring at Ayden

“Done checking me out?” Ayden ask

“I’m not checking you out!” Wendy pinch Ayden arm

“Ouch” Ayden rubbing the slightly redden spot

“If you don’t have anything to say, I will go upstairs” Wendy turn around to leave

Ayden quickly grab her wrist “Wen, let’s go home”

“I’m home already”

“I mean go to my place”

Wendy sighs “Okay”

“Let’s go babe” Ayden happily skip to his car

Both of them not talk along the way to the apartment. Somehow, Wendy looked upset and Ayden wondering what happen to her

“Wen, are you okay?” Ayden finally decide to ask after they settle at living room

“I’m fine”

“But you look upset. Do you have problem?”

“I’m just tired” Wendy sighs heavily

“Do you want to cuddle?” Ayden ask softly

The question makes Wendy suddenly nervous “What?”

“Do you want to cuddle? I mean if you don’t mind” Ayden also nervous. Wendy still not giving him answers “Can I take silent as yes?”


Ayden move to the couch where Wendy sit and lay down “Come, lay down here” he patted his arm and Wendy hesitantly lay her head on the muscular arm. Wendy stiffened since she’s never doing that before. She feels that Ayden softly patting her back with his other hand “Do you feel better now?”

“Emm yes” Wendy calms herself and let Ayden spoiling her

“Don’t work so hard on yourself. You should rest too. I don’t know that you’re this exhausted when I come back”

“My schedule start hectic after we made come back”

“I really have to talk with your boss”

“Babe no, don’t do that. I’m really fine”

“Okay then” Ayden kiss Wendy head “Sleep”

“Okay” Wendy close her eyes and she feel Ayden tighten his hug on her

After few hours sleeping, Wendy slowly open her eyes. She looked up and Ayden face so close to her. The guy is still sleeping soundly. Wendy also noticed that she also hugging Ayden torso. She carefully remove Ayden arm that circling her and slowly sit up

“6:05 PM already” she whisper to no one

Suddenly, Ayden moving “Wen”

“Hey, you wake up already?”

“Em, where are you going?”

“I want to cook dinner. If you still sleepy, just sleep again”

Ayden close his eyes and pull Wendy again make the girl fall on him “Don’t go. I want to hug you”

“I need to cook for us. You don’t want us to starve, don’t you?”

“You can cook later. Right now cuddle with me first” Ayden grin goofily

“Alright Mr. Ayden” Wendy rest her head on Ayden chest



“Kiss me”


“Kiss me or…” Ayden smirk

“Or what?”

“I pin you down then you figure out yourself what will happen after that”

“Yah!” Wendy hit Ayden chest and pull herself away from him. She look scared but Ayden don’t notice it


“Don’t do that to me. I will not see you again if you dare to do something not funny”

“I’m not saying anything, right?” Ayden giggle

“You said you will pin me down”

“Just pin you down to kiss you. Do you think about I you?”


Ayden sit facing the red face Wendy “I don’t want to be a daddy yet but if you want to be a mommy, no problem. We can change the future for sure. I’m gladly be a proud daddy to your kid” he laughing heartily

“Ayden Samuel, it’s not funny!” Wendy sulking turning her back to Ayden

The laughing guy stop in an instant noticing he joking over the limit “Babe, I’m sorry” Wendy still not answering “Babe, please” then he hear soft sob from Wendy make his eyes wide and worry. He moved to face the sobbing girl “Babe, I’m sorry. Don’t cry please. I just kidding” he wiped Wendy tears

“Take me home. I want to go home”

“Babe, we should eat first”

“No, I want to go back. Drive me back now but if you don’t want I will ride cab”

“Okay, I will drive you” Ayden give in as he doesn’t want to make things worse. He goes to his room to change his clothes. When he comes out, Wendy already waiting for him at the door

The ride is silent and extremely awkward. It suffocating Ayden but he can’t do anything. It’s literally his fault for joking too much. They arrived at the dorm and Wendy unbuckle her seatbelt

“Thanks for drive me here”

“Okay” Ayden sighs “Babe, I’m sorry again”

“Em, goodnight” the girl said and get out of them car. Ayden stare at Wendy who walk weakly to the dorm



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