Part 5

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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“FIGHTING!” the girls cheer while put their hands together. It is the day they will perform on annual New Year concert. They will perform 3 songs later

“Girls, your turn will start soon” the staff said


They go out of the waiting room to the backstage with nervous yet excited heart

“Girls, it’s your turn. Do well” their managers pump fist

“Okay oppa” they said and get ready to perform

Their performance was end successfully as expected. Everyone run back to the backstage happily

“Good job guys!” one of their managers said

“Thanks unnie”

“Let’s go to your waiting room”

“Let’s go”

Along the way to their room, they greet the fellow celebrities who also perform at the concert

“Ouchh, I’m tired” Wendy slump her body on the chair “My feet numb too”

“Me too” said Irene while massaging her ankle

“I’m hungry” Joy whining

“Me too” Yeri added caressing her tummy

“I don’t know when both of you are not hungry” Seulgi pinch their cheeks

“After you treat us food” they smirk devilishly

“No such things” Seulgi glare at them

“I want to drink bubble tea” Wendy pouting

“Aigooo this bubble tea freak” Irene slap Wendy arm lightly

The door suddenly opened showing their manager come inside holding a plastic bag

“Wendy, this is for you” he gives the plastic bag to Wendy

“What is this oppa?”

“I don’t know”

Wendy quickly checking what is inside and it is a cup of her favorite bubble tea that she said just now. The members start surrounding her to know what she just got

“Unnie, what is that?” Yeri asking

“Bubble tea?” Wendy read the label at the cup “Oppa, who give you this?”

“A security at the entrance call me just now, he said someone want to meet you so I check who is that”

“Is that a guy?”

“Yes, a man he gave that to me because he can’t enter this place”

“He wears leather jacket, tall, white skin and jet black hair”


“And he wears black watch on his left wrist and on his right is silver men bracelet”


Wendy eyes turn round because she know that drink is from Ayden “Is he still there?”

“I don’t know, maybe security chase him out already”

“Oh gosh, I really need to talk with that security” she said and run out of the room

“Aigooo, Wendy describes her man well” Irene and the girl chuckle

“I guess she really in love. She never care about man except his father” Seulgi said

Wendy sprint to the entrance while holding the bubble tea on her hand. She saw the security stand outside and she run towards him

“Excuse me Mr. Security”

“Yes Ms. Wendy”

“Is that you who talk with someone that want to meet with me just now?” Wendy still ask politely

“Oh yes, he said he want to come in but we just can let the staff to enter”

“Where is him now? Is he leaving already?”

The security looked to his left and pointed at someone who stand leaning against the wall while his hands inside his jacket pocket

“There he is” the security pointed at Ayden

“Oh, thanks”


Wendy run down the stair and goes to Ayden. That guy noticed her and he playfully open his arm wide like he waiting for Wendy to come to his embrace

“Yah, stop playing around” Wendy punch Ayden arm lightly

“Ouchh Wendy, is this how you greet me?”

“Why are you here?” Wendy ignore the question just now

“I come to give you bubble tea to cheer you up but they don’t let me enter because I don’t have entrance pass” Ayden sighs disappointedly

“You should call me first so that I can wait for you here”

“I want to surprise you”

“Ayy, it’s not good time for surprise. It will just create hit news tomorrow”

“Sorry” Ayden look down to his shoes

“It’s okay and thanks for this”

“You’re welcome” Ayden give thumb up “Are you performed already?”

“Yes, we just done perform when my manager give this to me”

“Are you tired?”

“Of course and my feet feel numb”

“Poor thing”

“If you want to come again, make sure you wear mask or something, alright?”

“Noted ma’am”

“I have to go in now. My members waiting for me”

“Let me walk you to the door”


Ayden noticed that Wendy can’t walk properly “Your legs, is it that hurt?”

“A little bit”

“Go home with me later. I have leg massager at home” Ayden stated

“Aaron, it fine. It will be good tomorrow. This is just because I’m tired”

“No, I insist. I will pick you up when you finish later. I not take no as an answer”

“It still too long before the concert end”

“How long?”

“Around 3 hours to go”

“I will go out with Eric then we will come to pick you”

“Okay then”

“We will spend new year eve together”

“Alright, I will see you later. Don’t come late. I will text you before we wrap up”

“Okay boss”

“I go inside now. See you later”


After Wendy walk inside, A

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