Part 4

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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Inside the car, Wendy keep looking at Ayden who smiling since now and then. She still curious where that guy will take here

“Is there something wrong with my face?”


“But you keep looking at me”

“I still want to know where you want to take me”

“Calm down, we almost arrive”

“Okay” Wendy give in knowing that she will not get the answer

Ayden drive his car to the luxury apartment complex. They passed by security post and Ayden wave his hand at the middle-age man who stands outside of the post. Then he drive to the basement parking

“We arrived” Ayden turn off the engine then unbuckle his seatbelt

“Is this your place?”

“Yep” Ayden nods his head

“I thought you will bring me to other city or country” Wendy giggled

“Probably but not now, maybe in future”

“But why you bring me here?”

“I want you to fully rest without doing anything. You don’t have to wake up early, cooking, laundry or whatever things you have to do at your dorm. You just rest here. If you want to sleep for 3 days straight also not a problem”

“I still your guest so no way I will sleep whole day. If you tell me early, I will not agree to come”

“Why?” Ayden frown

“You have to work and I don’t want to be a burden for you”

“Wendy, it’s nothing. You’re not a burden to me. I can work from home, it doesn’t matter. Don’t think too much, okay?”

“Why are you so nice to me?”

“Because you’re my friend” Ayden stare at Wendy “Don’t worry, I don’t have any intention or want something in return. I heard that you guys have to practice for long hours and less rest so it’s not good for your health. When you have chance to rest, you must use it to the fullest. Our body can’t take more than it limit”

“Thanks for your concern” Wendy smile warmly

“No problem” said the guy “Let’s go upstairs”


They ride the elevator to 18th floor where Ayden’s unit located. Since they don’t have anything to say, both just stay silent. Sometimes Wendy yawn lightly due to tiredness.

“Welcome to my home” Ayden said after he unlock the door for them

“Your place is so nice” Wendy praising the interior design of the unit. Everything arrange nicely and no messy things here and there

“Thanks for compliment” Ayden chuckled lightly “Here is your room” he open the guest room door for Wendy “Sorry I not tidying the house before invite you to come because it so sudden, hehe”

“Your place is tidy already. It’s look cozy”

“You rest first. I want to take bath then order our food. I can’t cook tonight because I haven’t fill the fridge yet”

“Alright, see you later”

“Sure” Ayden walk to his room while Wendy close the door and put her bag on the table. She lay down on the bed while checking her phone. She got text from the group chat with their managers telling them their schedule after their off-day then some text on group chat with her members where Joy and Yeri sharing some funny stickers, bickering and teasing each other. After few minutes, she unconsciously dozed off and her phone landed on her chest.

Ayden ordering their food from nearby restaurant after he done shower then checking the fridge because he want to buy food stock next day. After that he turn on the TV while waiting for the food to arrive. As he really into the live football match, doorbell ringing distract him

“Oh, it’s arrive already” he murmured and grab his wallet before go to the door

He pays for the food and brings it to the dining table. He set the table for them then he go to Wendy room to call her for dinner

“Wendy, our food is here. Let’s eat” he said while knocking the door “Wendy” he call again then the door open slightly showing the messy hair Wendy

“Emm” Wendy humming while her eyes still half-close

“Hey, are you still wants to sleep?” Ayden giggle at the cuteness of Wendy

“A little bit”

“Our food is ready but if you want to sleep first, we can eat later”

“Oh, we will eat. You must be hungry and the food will get cold if we don’t eat it now”

“Alright then, I will wait at the table”


Few minutes later, Wendy come to dining table with her hair tied neatly unlike previous moment

“Have a sit”

“You order a lot” Wendy eyes wide seeing various type of food on the table

“I don’t know what you want so I order a lot”

“I actually on diet” Wendy pout

“But you look slim already. How much slim you should be to appear good on TV?” Ayden frown

“This shape is ideal already so I have to maintain it” Wendy grinning

“I thought you have to look slim than now so I want to talk with your boss. I will scold them because forcing you to become small than now”

Wendy laughing at Ayden “Yah silly boy, you don’t have to be that scary”

“I’m just kidding. Eat your food, no need to think about your diet or anything”

“Alright, alright”

After dinner, both of them lounge at living room watching TV but more into talking to each other

“How long you want me to stay here?” Wendy hugging the cushion and lean her side at the couch

“Forever” Ayden said randomly

“Yah, I’m serious” Wendy hit Ayden with the cushion

“You stay here until last day of your off-day then I will drive you back in the evening or you want me to drive you to your agency on next day”

Wendy shakes her head “No, just drive me to my dorm. It safe than the agency”

“Okay and if you want to rest, just call me and I will pick you up”

“You know, I still feel a bit awkward when I’m with you because I never stay at someone’s house let alone with a guy” Wendy confess

“What make you agree to come here?”

“Because I trust you, I know you will not doing something bad to me” Wendy said confidently

“Thank you for trusting me”

“Thanks to you too because you concern about me”

“No problem” it was silent for few while before Ayden speak again “Do you ever have boyfriend or currently dating someone?”

“No, I guess you still don’t know about me”

“Then tell me more about you. You still make me curious” said the guy

“I am a singer from girl group name Red Velvet that is under SM Entertainment. We have 5 members that stay together with me at the dorm. My Korean name is Son Seungwan. My family currently stays at Canada. I love bubble tea the most. I’m debut as a singer in 2014. I never have boyfriend and not plan to be in any sort of relationship for now because I want to focus on my carrier”

A smirk appear on Ayden face after he got the info about Wendy “Seungwan”


“Seungwan-ssi” he imitating Wendy last time she joking with his name

“Yah, are you copying me?”


“Whatever” Wendy rolled her eyes then she also laughing because Ayden keep teasing her

“I will call you Seungwan because you call me Aaron”


“Seungwan!” Ayden giggle happily while defend himself from the cushion that Wendy use to hit him “You so violent”

“I’m just violent with you. I never attack anyone since birth”

“I feel sorry for someone who will get attack by you in future”

“I will just attack you because you tease me a lot”

“I like teasing you. You look cute when you angry” said Ayden

Wendy blushing madly “Don’t try to make me angry”

“I can’t help it” Ayden shrugged his shoulder

“Now tell me about yourself”

“I don’t have something special like yours” said Ayden

Wendy glared at her friend “Just tell anything. It don’t need to be special though”

Ayden nods his head “I am third child in my family and sole son. My older sister stays with my mom and dad at Canada while my second sister is at United Kingdom. My circle is so small due to my job that needs me to stay more at office than going out with friends. I’m still single and last relationship is 3 years ago. I’m big fans of leather jacket like I told you last time and I love bubble tea too. I used to travel a lot for work but now I decide to stay here for good. I enjoy working in your country even my Korean is not good. I can understand what someone said but I’m at speaking”

“It’s okay; you can learn more in future. I also faced the same problem before and sometimes I also still have wrong pronunciation”

“I will study hard” both of them pump fist

“Talk about your work, isn’t i

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