Part 36 - Final

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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After a week in hospital, finally Wendy discharged after Dr. Choi removed the cast on her ankle. The doctor told her that she can walk slowly in short distance to train her ankle a bit. Soon as she discharged from hospital, Ayden bring her back to his apartment. Meanwhile, the other Red Velvet members back to their schedule as usual

“Babe, what are you doing?” Wendy asked Ayden who is busy at the kitchen

“I make dinner for us” Ayden turn around showing himself wearing pink apron and holding ladle. He walked to his girlfriend and helped her to sit on the chair

“Anything I can help you?”

“No, just sit there and talk to me. That’s all I allow you to do”

“I’m boring babe” Wendy frowning

“We can talk or gossiping around to get rid of your boredom” Ayden said while stirring the soup in the pot

Wendy silent for a while as she thinking of question to ask or some topic that they can talk about

“Can I ask personal question?” Ayden turn around after hear what Wendy asked then she added “I mean if you not comfortable I will ask other thing”

Ayden smile “You may ask anything in your mind. Besides, you have right to know my personal stuff”

“Are you sure? I just don’t want to burden your mind since it may be sensitive to you”

“I’m fine, don’t worry”

Wendy nods her head “It’s about your last relationship”

“Okay and then?”

“What make you breakup with your ex-girlfriend?”

“I found her cheating with other guy. That guy is her best friend” Ayden said

Wendy nods her head “Is it gives effect to you when you found about me and Jackson?”

“Hmm, the feeling is almost same with what I feel when I found her cheating right in front of my eyes. Even we’re not yet dating but it still feel like you cheat on me because I in love with you. That scene haunted me back and I lost my mind. I don’t know that it still make me trauma but trust me, I’m over her”

“I know, if you still want her you wouldn’t with me now, right?” Wendy smile

“Correct” Ayden wink then continue with his cooking

“What if you two cross path one day, will you greet her or just ignore her?”

“I don’t know. It depends on the situation”

Wendy satisfies with the answer “Do you hate her?”

“If I say I don’t hate her, it will sound like a lie but it doesn’t reach the level that I hope something bad to her. There’s still a bit of hatred toward her because she give me too much pain. I can’t hate her a lot because she used to make me happy and teach me lot of things. Somehow I’m thankful that she cheat on me and we breakup” Ayden suddenly grinning

“Why?” Wendy puzzle

“Well if we’re still together there is no way that I will meet you and date you. She leave big scar on me but you heal it now”

Wendy smile hearing the answer from her boyfriend “I’m thankful to her too because if you two still together I will never meet with loving Ayden Samuel”

“She is what I want and you’re what I need so I end up with you”

“You make my life complete~” Wendy sing playfully

“You filled every gap in me too” Ayden giggle then he turn off the stove “Our food is ready”

“Let me set the table” Wendy tries to stand up

“No, just sit down. Let me serve you today”

“Baby, at least you let me do it” Wendy pouting

“Today let me do everything alone. You used to do this for me all the time so I will pay it back to you now”

“Okay” Wendy watching Ayden go here and there to serve the food. He does the work diligently like he used to do it since before. Wendy can’t help but adore him and feel grateful that she found a good man like Ayden as her first and last love. She not regrets lower down her wall for Ayden.


“Honey, I got a call from office and they need me to come for meeting today” Ayden inform Wendy soon as she get out of the bathroom after taking shower

“Okay, I will prepare your clothes” Wendy quickly get Ayden suit from the closet and give to him

“Thanks baby”

“Get ready quickly”


After dress up with her own clothes, Wendy help Ayden with her necktie and jacket “I hope I can hugging you like this every morning when you do my necktie” he said while circle his arms around Wendy waist while the idol busy tying his necktie

“One fine day, your dream will come true” Wendy peck Ayden lips after done with his necktie

“I love you babe and I can’t wait for that day” Ayden kiss Wendy forehead

“I love you too and patience is virtue”

“Yes” they embrace each other “I called someone to accompany you while I am away”

“Really?” Wendy pulled from the embrace

“Yes” coincidently the doorbell ringing and

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