Part 35

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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Since she in light sleeper, Irene stir up from her sleep when she heard someone cough. She rubbed her eyes to take a better look. The others are still sleeping peacefully but the cough sound still can be heard. She grabs her phone and checked the time. It is 4 in the morning. Hearing the cough still going on, she decided to check Wendy. She slowly leaved the couch where she sleep on and walk to the bed.

“Wendy?” Irene lips tugged upwards seeing Wendy cover after coughing

“Unnie” Wendy reply with hoarse voice

“How long you’re awake?”

“I just wake up”

“Do you want to drink?”

“Yes, my throat feels dry”

“Wait a minute” Irene grab a water bottle and pour it into the mug then put the straw on it “Here”

Wendy finish a mug of water then she feel relieve “Thanks unnie”

“Okay, do you feel dizzy or you want me to get doctor for you?” Irene sit on the bed edge facing Wendy

“I’m fine, no need to call doctor”

“Alright then”

“How was Ayden? Is he going home yesterday?”

“Yes, he goes back after we eat dinner together. I don’t trust him to eat alone so I decide to have early dinner with him and Eric”

“Thanks for watching him for me. I don’t trust him too. I worry about him more than myself”

“He care a lot about you” Irene smile

“You’re right” Wendy smile shortly

“He will come a bit late today because he will go to office first”

“Alright, who sleep here with you?”

“There” Irene pointed at the sleeping people and the dim side of the room

“Aigooo” Wendy chuckle seeing her friends are all there along with Dr. Hannah

Seulgi, Yeri and Joy sleep on the floor. Dr. Hannah sleep on the other couch while one more couch is empty since it was Irene place last night

“They watch movie and chit-chatting until late at night so they sleep like a log now” Irene said

“I feel bad because you all need to stay to take care of me” Wendy pouting

“It’s fun though. We’re totally fine with that. We not feel burden or anything. Besides, with Dr. Hannah joining us we have good chat time. She share lot of stories with us and bought lot of foods too”

“Unnie~” they turned their face to the voice direction and saw Yeri sit up with her eyes still close. Her head lean on the couch that Irene slept earlier

“Is she sleep-talking?” Wendy whisper while suppress her laugh

“Let see what she want” said Irene

“Irene unnie~, I want to pee~” the maknae still talking while his hand move on the couch to find the older girl

“Omo” Irene goes to quickly go to Yeri “Unnie is here. Let’s go to the toilet”

“I’m scared~”

“Aigooo, I will go with you. Come on” Irene is having hard time walking the sleeping Yeri to the toilet at the corner of the room. She shove the sleepy girl inside the toilet then shut the door “Yerim, make sure you’re not sleeping there”

“I’m not!” Yeri answer from the toilet

Few minutes later, she come out “Done?”

“Yes” Yeri answer groggily

“Wendy is awake” Irene statement make Yeri eyes shoot open and she look towards the bed

“Unnie!” she squeals and run to Wendy

“Good morning little one” Wendy greet with smile

“Good morning unnie. How are you? Do you sleep well?”

“I’m good. What about you?”

“I’m good too unnie. I want to sleep again. We will talk later, okay?”

“Alright” Yeri kiss Wendy cheek before she go back to sleep

“I thought she will stay here with us” Irene looking at the maknae who back to sleep in no time

“Her eyes can tell everything” both of them chuckle


Dr. Hannah done checking Wendy condition and she spend her time with them after send the report to Dr. Choi. The rest of the members just arrive from their dorm after go back to wash up and have breakfast. Wendy told them that she can stay alone so they leave her for a while

“Unnie, where do you stay after discharge?” Joy asking

“Ayden told me that I will stay at his place until I can start working again”

“Told you” Seulgi smirk at the girls

“He said don’t want to trouble you girls to attend me. Besides, you all have schedule so it’s better that I’m with him. He will work from home”

“Your boyfriend is so caring and sweet” Dr. Hannah giggles

“He is perfect even he don’t want to admit it” Wendy smile

“He is matured now after the fuss in his life. I can say that you’re lucky to have the better version of him and he’s also lucky that he finally he found someone who can make him be a better man”

“Is he not like what he is now before this?” Irene asked curiously

Dr. Hannah sighs and shook her head “Before he met his former girlfriend, he is good boy. He treated everyone well, responsible and just like how he is now. Table turned after he dated that girl. She influences him a lot and he got carried away that make him literally change. He still have his manner but not as nice as back then. After years of dating, they breakup for some personal reason and chaos happened in a blink of eyes. He is not Ayden that we used to know. He is not himself. He turned wild and he doesn’t care about people around him. His parent try a l

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