Part 34

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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“WENDY” Irene run towards the bed followed by the rest of the girls. They are so happy seeing Wendy wake up

“Are you all missing me that much?” Wendy amused by her friends’ antic

“Lot of feeling mixed together, unnie. We can’t describe it. Too worry, too miss, too sorry and much more” Joy said

“Sorry for worrying you guys”

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault after all” Seulgi caressed Wendy hair

“How are you feeling now unnie?” the youngest member asking

“I bit better but still hurt and nervous because of the surgery”

“You will be fine soon unnie. Our prayer always goes with you” Yeri pats Wendy forearm

“Thank you sweetie”

“You sound like Ayden oppa now” Yeri laughing lightly

“Maybe it is his effect”

“Where is your boyfriend?” Irene noticed that Ayden is not around

“I force him to go out to eat something. He is really stubborn even I told him that I can stay alone here. It not like I will run away or something” Wendy answer make them chuckle

“He is too protective or shall I say he love you too much to let you alone” Joy said

“He worry so much about you” Seulgi added

Yeri speak after that “You don’t have idea how scary he is yesterday. He gave me goosebump. It is scarier than what we saw at meeting room before”

“Really?” Wendy shocked

“Yes, he told us that if that company not apologies to you publicly he will make sure the company will shut down today”

“Wow, he is unbelievable”

“Then he asked Yoona unnie to call a doctor from Canada to come here to operate you and fly her with their company private jet”

“Aigooo, I’m teary now” Wendy wipe her visible tears as she can’t believe how much Ayden had done for her

“He hopelessly in love with you, Wendy” said Seulgi

“True, I can feel it”

The door burst open and Ayden show up with wide grin. He look so happy seeing the girls are there with Wendy

“Hello, good morning”

“Good morning”

“Do you eat well?” Wendy asked after Ayden stand beside her bed


“You sure you not waste the food?”

“Yes, I eat everything. I’m full now”


Irene looking at Ayden “Ayden, about the issue yesterday, are they apology?”

“Sunny called me just now that they still waiting for the answer from that party. If they not answering, we have no choice”

“Are you really taking action towards them?”

“Yes, if they not apology in the given time Eric will do his job. He is ready to do it. He just waiting for signal from me”

Wendy tugged Ayden arm “What are you going to do? You don’t make fuss”

“We will buy their share entirely and take over their business”

“You don’t have to go that far”

“That is how business work, baby. They trigger me to do so. 24 hours is too long but I tolerate since this is the first time. They suppose to apology yesterday but no one take action. At least they call your agency to say sorry for their mistake but none. Sunny give green light to me so everything is on me now. There is no way I will let them fooling around. They can play dirty to any other company but not Platinum. What Platinum wants Platinum will get”

Wendy rubbed her temple “I hope it’s not me who involve in this accident. You’re too scary”

Ayden and the girls cackle “Maybe God want to show my true color. I am not Samuel for nothing. Everything will be okay”

“Yeah, okay”

“We support you oppa” Joy chirped while they pump their fist

“Way to go!”

“Thanks girls”

Their conversation interrupt by knocking sound from the door then Ayden signal them to enter. Yoona show up at the door follow by someone unfamiliar

“Boss, Dr. Hannah is here”

Ayden lips corner tugged upward as well as the girl named Dr. Hannah. He approaches the doctor happily and hug her “Hey buddy”

“Hi, it’s been a while now” Dr. Hannah said after pull from the embrace

“True, it’s almost a year. How was flight?”

“Wow, so amazing! It’s improved a lot than the last time I ride Samuel private jet. Make sure to fly me back with that plane” Dr. Hannah chuckle

“Sure, anything for you”

“Cool” they bump fist

“Do you eyeing the pilot or stewards?” Ayden smirk

“I guess it’s been long time since you taste my fist. Do you want to try now?”

“Hey, I’m joking around” Ayden hit his friend fist

“Hmm, since you call me urgently I guess the person is really important, am I right?”

“Yup, let me introduce you to her” Ayden drag Dr. Hannah to Wendy while Yoona join the girls on the couch

“Baby, introduce this is Dr. Hannah from Quebec and Hanne, this is Wendy my girlfriend” Ayden smile happily

Wendy and Dr. Hannah shake hand “Nice to meet you” said Wendy with warm smile

“Nice to finally meet you too”

“Babe, she is my best friend and she is the orthopedic surgeon that I import exclusively for you”

“Please take care of me” said Wendy

“No problem, I will do my best to treat you”

“Thanks doctor”

“I hope this crack head not troubling you a lot” Dr. Hannah said

“He is good boy” Wendy giggles while Ayden smirk proudly

“Happy to hear that Wendy. Back then he is so troublesome along with Ericson”

“He can be one sometimes” Ayden glare at Wendy who replies with silly grin

“Ayden, where is Ericson? Are you two really grown up now that you guys not stick with each other anymore? He transferred here with you, right?”

“Eric is at office now. You can meet him later. He have girlfriend now, you know”

“Finally, you and Ericson have someone to take care of you” Dr. Hannah claps her hands

“You should feel relieve now because we finally have girlfriend”

“I’m really relieve and happy especially for you. Your mother worries too much since you depart to Korea and you maybe don’t know that she suffer sleepless nights in first 2 months because she thinks about you”

Ayden expression change slowly “Mama never told me”

“She doesn’t want you to worry. She told your pops that she wants to come here to stay with you but he not allows her. Luckily Ericson is here that make her soften a bit”

“Hmmm, I really don’t know about that. No one tell me”

“Ava told it to me when I visit them. She is not that sad when Evelyn go to UK before but you, she is so scared. Thankfully that you’re fine, you’re safe and sound here plus with Wendy presence she feel at ease now” Wendy smile shyly hearing that

“They met Wendy already and they come here too for business trip”

“I know, I met with her and Ava when they go shopping after a week they return from here. They talk a lot about both of you. Last week also I hangouts with Ava, we grab coffee at our favorite café”

Ayden sighs “I miss Quebec already”

“Take leave and go home then. Quebec also misses you” Dr. Hannah said playfully

“I will after Wendy fully recover”

“Alright” Dr. Hannah smile “Hey, do you still take your meds?”

“Yes, I take it when necessary”

“Don’t abandon your health for your work. You’re still stubborn as ever. Wendy, is he hard-headed too when he is with you?”

“Yes, he is very stubborn sometimes. It just happens this morning when I ask him to breakfast” Wendy said

“I just don’

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