Part 32

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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Lot of idols comes to the festival venue for rehearsal as well as Red Velvet group. While waiting for the other idol rehearsal on the stage, the rest practice their dance diligently. Each of them focused on doing their best for upcoming show. While the members of Red Velvet are getting ready for their turn, their manager comes from the stage

“Red Velvet, it’s your turn”

“Okay oppa” the girls follow their manager to the stage

“Wow, the stage is grand” Seulgi comment

“The upper floor is higher than before” Joy said

“True, it’s me and Seungwan who will perform there later”

“Let’s cheer first before we start” their leader said


 They put their hands together “Red Velvet fighting!”

“Let’s go”

Wendy and Seulgi get their spot on the upper floor while the other 3 at ground floor. The stage darkened as the music start to echo the place. They start dancing along the music. Everyone focus on their dance move and sing their part when Seulgi scream loudly startling every people since her voice clearly heard through the speaker


The girls turn around only to see Wendy lying on the floor unconsciously while Seulgi run down the stairs. Blood ooze out from the cut on her forehead and also her nose. Their managers and staffs gather around Wendy and the members

“Call the ambulance!” Irene shout while shaking Wendy body to wake the poor girl but she not moving at all

“Unnie, open your eyes” Joy and Yeri start crying seeing Wendy in pain

“Ambulance is on their way” their manager said

After few minutes, the ambulance come and paramedic carry Wendy with the stretcher

“Oppa, we will go with Wendy too” said Irene

“But your rehearsal…”

“We’re not perform without Wendy unnie” Joy stated and look sternly at their manager

The managers give in “Okay, drive your car carefully. See you all at the hospital”

“Okay oppa”

They are waiting nervously outside of the emergency room. It has been 30 minutes since Wendy inside but doctor hasn’t come out yet. Emergency room door open out of sudden and a male doctor come out

“Relative for patient name Wendy Son”

“It’s us doctor” one of their managers said

“Follow me to my office, I will talk about her condition. Nurse will bring her to the ward later”

“Okay” the manager nods then he look at the rest of the girls “Are you all going with me?”

“Yes oppa”

“Let’s go”

They settle at the doctor office. All of them look very nervous while waiting for the doctor to talk about Wendy

“May I know what make Ms. Wendy injured badly?”

“She fall from 2 meter stage during our rehearsal” Seulgi answered as she witnessed the entire scene

“What is her injury, sir? Is it serious?” manager asked after that

The doctor sigh heavily “She broke her ankle. Her wrist sprained. A small cut on her forehead and injury on her cheekbone”

Groan echoed the whole office “What treatment you will do?”

“We have to undergo surgery for her ankle. I need her family member to sign the documents for her surgery”

“Her family is at Canada currently but if you need them, they will arrive few days” said their manager

“Can it be quick? Her ankle is quite bad and if we need to wait for day, it will get worse”

The managers speechless as well as the members but Seulgi speak after that “Call Mr. Ayden”

“Pardon?” their managers and members looking at Seulgi with frown

“I mean call Mr. Samuel”

“Which Samuel and what is his connection with Wendy?”

“Mr. Samuel of Platinum Korea, he is Wendy’s fiancé”

“Wendy’s fiance?” everyone is looking at the bear

“She is engaged?” their managers asked in disbelieve

“Look oppa, unnie, I don’t have time to elaborate this and if you want confirmation you can ask Mr. Samuel when he come here. Right now he is the emergency contact for Wendy. You guys believe it or not, that’s not a matter” Seulgi explained then she turn to the doctor “Doctor, fiancé is include as family member too, right?”

“Yes, of course”

“Okay, give me few minutes. I will call her fiancé”

“Sure thing”

Seulgi left the room to call Ayden. After few minutes, Seulgi come back with relieve face “Doctor, he will arrive in 15 minutes”


Then Seulgi sit on the couch with her group and the girls welcome her with questioning look. She sighs “I know I owe you all explanation. We will talk later”

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