Part 31

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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Wendy, Joy and Irene watching drama on TV while Seulgi and Yeri playing mobile games. All of them focus on their own activity before the phone ringing caught their attention

“Aigooo, why did Yoona unnie call me at night?” Wendy grabs her phone from coffee table

“Maybe she wanted to talk about work” said Joy

Wendy pressed the phone to her ear and greets Yoona “Hello unnie”


“WHAT?!” Wendy eyes widen while her friends jolt on their seat when Wendy suddenly shout


“Oh my God, okay unnie. We will go now” Wendy hand trembling when she press the red button

“Wendy, what’s wrong?” Irene asked hurriedly

“Seulgi dress up and drive me to hospital” Wendy said as she stand up from her seat

“Hey, tell us what happen?” Suelgi repeat the question

“Ayden rushed to hospital”

“We will go with you” said Irene as the other go to their room to change their clothes

When they arrive at the hospital, Wendy led them to the room that Yoona told her. Ayden lay on the bed while Eric and Yoona stand beside him. They startled when the door burst open showing Wendy and her members

“Eric, what happen to him?” Wendy asked worriedly

“He accidentally eat the food that contain bell pepper so he throw up and passed out after that”

“Aigooo, where did he get that food?”

“He orders it from the restaurant nearby the office. We decide to eat before go home but things turn out like this”

“Why he not ask first before order the food?” Wendy glare at the unconscious guy on the bed

“The food looked delicious on the menu so he ordered without asking me. Usually he will ask me first before he eat something to make sure no bell pepper inside” said Yoona

“Luckily we never put bell pepper on our food when we eat with him” said Irene

“Oppa never tell us that he allergic bell pepper” said Yeri

“He never tell me either” Wendy sighs

“Seriously?” Joy asked in disbelieve

“Yes, I’m serious”

“How is his condition now?” Seulgi asked Eric and Yoona

“He is good now. The foods are all thrown out from him already. Meds take over him now so he will sleep for few hours. Tomorrow he can discharge” said Eric

“Thanks God” everyone said

“But Wendy, there is side effect of his allergic when he wake up later” Yoona said then she and Eric giggle

“You should deal with it patiently” Eric added

Wendy frown “What will happen? You two don’t scare me”

“He is a spoil brat when he wake up” Eric laughs at his dear friend

“He will behave weirdly for an hour or two so you should deal with that if you decide to stay here later or if you can’t, Eric will do” Yoona said

“I hope you will stay here with him so that you can experience how whiny he can be. I and Yoona used to deal with him before and we don’t want to deal with it anymore”

Wendy chuckle “Alright, I will look after him tonight”

“If possible take some video so we can use to threaten him when he bully us” Joy smirk evilly along with Yeri

“Ayyy these two” Seulgi glare at the duo

“Good idea” Eric high five with Yeri and Joy

“If he know that you two have evil plan, he will not treat you foods anymore I guess” Irene pinch their cheeks while they laughed

“Before I forget, he wills hungry later so just give porridge or crackers and hot chocolate because his stomach will upset if he takes heavy meal”

“Noted” Wendy gives thumb up

“I put it in the cabinet earlier so you don’t have to buy it again” Yoona said

“Okay unnie”

After accompany Wendy for 3 hours, Red Velvet members, Eric and Yoona excuse themselves to go home. Wendy sit on the chair beside the bed, staring at Ayden who still sleeping peacefully. She caressed his cheek softly and smile

“You looked so matured but still clumsy like a kid. I don’t know what will happen if our kids take this attitude of yours. I’m happy if they take your good features but not the clumsy and careless side. I don’t want to suffer bad headache and sore throat because shout at you and the kids” Wendy giggle and poking Ayden nose “You like to give surprise to me. First is pork lasagna and now allergic to bell pepper. I don’t know what will come after this but I’m ready to encounter with your weird like and dislike”

She stands up and leaned in to kiss Ayden cheeks and forehead “Sleep tight baby. I guess tomorrow you have to take care of me because my headache due to your whiny attitude”


Wendy opens her eyes when she feels someone patting her head. She grabs on that hand and look up seeing Ayden stare at her innocently with mischievous smile

“Baby, you wake up already?” Wendy asked groggily while rubbing her eyes

“Yes and I’m boring waiting for you to wake up”

“Why don’t just wake me up?”

“I see you have good sleep so I don’t want to disturb you. Is your neck hurt?”

“Emm, yes” Wendy rubbing her neck

Ayden move a bit and pat the new space beside him “Come here”

“It’s okay baby, I don’t want nurse to scold us just because we cuddle on hospital bed”

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