Part 29

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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Photo shot season started and it located at the studio at Platinum building. Since he is not busy, Ayden decide to visit the studio to see the progress. The staffs are busy with their work but they still greet him. The girls are in the middle of taking group photos and Ayden noticed that Wendy looked unhappy. He can see something wrong with his girlfriend. Since he got really curious, he approach Jessica and Yoona who are talking about something


“Yes boss”

“Tell them to take 20 minutes break after this one end”

“Okay boss” Jessica not asking for a reason because she know the boss must be have something to do

Ayden to Yoona after that “Bring Wendy to my office after that then you order a cup of bubble tea as usual”

“Okay boss” Yoona smile knowingly watching Ayden leave the studio

Once they done with the slot, Jessica order them to take a break as Ayden command

“Guys, we will take 20 minutes break” Jessica announce

“Okay Ms. Jung”

“Unnie, I go to Wendy first” said Yoona


Yoona walk to where the girls are sitting and she tapped Wendy shoulder “Yes Ms. Im?”

“Let’s go upstairs” Yoona whispers


“Boss wants to see you”

“Alright then”

With that, both of them leave to elevator. The other girl just watching Wendy walk away with Yoona and they assume it must be something to do with Ayden. They reach the floor where Ayden office located and Yoona stop in front of her desk

“Wait for a while, I will call him”


Yoona press the button on the desk phone and it answered few second later “Yes Ms. Im” it was Ayden voice

“Ms. Wendy is here, can she enter now?”

“Yes, let her in and don’t let anyone disturb me in meantime”

“Okay sir” Yoona press the button again to end the call

“Let’s get inside” Yoona lead Wendy to the door and she open it for Wendy

“Thanks” Wendy said

“No problem”

After Yoona close the door, Ayden stand up from her chair and walk to Wendy. He hugged his girlfriend tightly

“Honey, is there something wrong?” he asked softly

“Everything is okay honey”

“I see you’re not in mood earlier”

“It just I think a lot”

Ayden break the hug and pull Wendy to sit on the couch “What’s bothering you? Tell me”

“I think about you” Wendy look at Ayden

“Why me?”

“I noticed that you work too hard lately. You often go home late and sleep late too. I worry if you sick because not enough rest”

“I’m sorry for worrying you. It just I have lot of things to do before pops come here. I promised that I will rest well, right?”

“I know but at least make time for yourself. I worry if you not eat well, you know”

“I will make sure my work finish quickly so I can rest a lot and my meal taken well”

“I mark your word”

“Trust me” Ayden wink playfully

“Can you hug me again?” Wendy asked

“Sure, I can hug you anytime you want” Ayden gladly hugging the frowning girl

“I miss you a lot” Wendy buried her face on Ayden neck crook

“I miss you too. I’m sorry because I not spend time with you since we come home. I know I abandon you because of my work”

“You should make it up to me”

“What about tonight?”

Wendy lift up her head to face Ayden “You’re not busy today?”

“You’re important than my work” Ayden peck Wendy cheek

“Alright, I will sleepover tonight at your place”

“You want to wait for me here or I pick you up at your dorm?”

“I will just go straight to your apartment so you don’t need to pick me up”

“Alright, if you say so, I will just give a key to you”


Ayden get the key from his bag and give to Wendy “This if for you, keep it”

“Okay hubby”

“Don’t sad anymore, okay? Cheer up!” Ayden pump fist

“I feel better now” Wendy grin

“Good, you should go now. I don’t want the staff looking for you”

“Alright then, I see you at home later”

“Sure” suddenly Ayden remember something “Wait for a while”

“What’s up?” Wendy confused

Ayden grab his jacket from the chair and draped it on Wendy shoulder “Bring this with you to cheer you up”

“What about you? Don’t you need this?”

“I have another one in the car”

“Okay then, I will keep this one for now”

“Suit yourself. Let me walk you outside. I asked Ms. Im to get something for you earlier”

They go to Yoona desk when the secretary busy typing something on her PC “Ms. Im, do you buy it already?” Ayden asked

“Yes sir, it’s here” Yoona give a cup of bubble tea to Ayden

“Thanks Ms. Im” Ayden turn to Wendy and pass the cup to her “This is for you”

Wendy face turn bright seeing her favorite drink “I don’t know it available here”

“Our boss asked the cafeteria to make it since you guys start join us” said Yoona with series of giggle

“Aigooo, so sweet of you” Wendy pinch Ayden cheek

“It is for you after all” said Ayden

“Thank you very much”

“Ms. Im, can you walk her back to the studio?” Ayden asked his secretary

“Sure, no problem”

“Alright, she will walk you back. I will see you at home later” Ayden said to Wendy


Wendy walk to the table where her members gather with Jessica. They are talking to each other but stop when Wendy arrive. Seeing the jacket on Wendy shoulder and a cup of her favorite drink, the girls know the reason why Wendy suddenly disappear

“Done?” Jessica teasing the idol

“Just a little catch up unnie” Wendy

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