Part 27

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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Ayden and Wendy enjoy themselves to the fullest trying lot of activities at the resort. Their day filled with laughter and jokes as they spend their day at the beach

Wendy sit under the tree when Ayden run towards her with silly grin

“Hey baby”


“Let go snorkeling”

“No, I never do that and I scare” Wendy waved her hands as she not agree with Ayden idea

Ayden crouch in front of Wendy and hold her hands “I promised I will protect you, remember?”

“I know but still scare” Wendy pouting

“Please, if you really can’t do it we will return. Don’t worry, we have instructor. Not just both of us. I will make sure you come out from the water safely” Ayden convince his girlfriend

“Okay but this is last one. I can’t do more activity”

“Alright, I promise” Ayden grin


“Let’s go” Ayden hold Wendy hand as they walk to the snorkeling centre

At first Wendy feel very scare because it is her first time snorkeling. She hold Ayden hand like her life depends on it but after few minutes, she calm down and enjoying the beautiful sight underwater. Ayden never let go of her hands as they swim until Ayden stop and swim facing Wendy. He motioned Wendy to stop then smile with his eyes. With his free hand, he open the zipper of his short pant pocket and take out a box then he open it to show the content to Wendy. The idol eyes obviously open wide when she saw two silver rings in the box. Ayden pull out one of the rings and insert to Wendy finger that fit perfectly on her. After that he give the box to Wendy that she understand what she should do. She takes out the ring and insert on Ayden finger

Ayden pointed to his right and Wendy shocked seeing the instructor taking their picture and video. Ayden signal the guy to proceed with photoshot underwater again. After few pose, the guy shows the picture to them that make Wendy a bit embarrass and blushing. Then the instructor swims away from them and Ayden facing Wendy again. He hold Wendy hands tightly and pull her to his embrace. Few seconds later, Wendy pull back and signal them to swim to surface where Ayden obey immediately

“Yah!” Wendy laughed and hit Ayden chest

“Surprise!” Ayden said cheerfully

“You’re hopelessly romantic” Wendy circle her arms around Ayden neck

Ayden peck Wendy lips “You like that ring?”

“Yes, it’s beautiful”

“I suppose to give it to you when I propose you but things change so I just give it now”

“It fine, I just really surprise when you propose me again under the sea. It’s very memorable moment, you know. I feel very special right now” Wendy eyes teary

“You always special to me” Ayden kissed Wendy forehead then they hug each other again

“That ring…what does that mean?” Wendy asking

“It brings lot of meaning. It say you’re mine, I am yours, sign of my love to you, say that nothing can tear us apart, a promise ring, to remind both of us that we’re with each other even our soul is far apart, our strength when we’re down, our happiness and most important is we’re engaged”

“Engaged?” Wendy looked at the ring

“Yes” Ayden said while Wendy stared at her finger without saying anything “Baby, what’s wrong?” Wendy looked at Ayden and let her tears fall then she hugged him tightly “Hey, are you okay?”

“I’m okay, I just very happy. You’re so sweet and so romantic person I ever know. I’m very lucky to have you in my life” Wendy cried on Ayden shoulder

Ayden chuckled “I just being romantic around you”

“You better not doing it with other people or I will be scary than Juhyun unnie when she is jealous” Wendy said while break the hug

“Alright, I take note”

“Speaking of unnie, I miss them. It has been few days since I don’t hear anything from the girls” Wendy pouting

“You can meet them next day. We will go home tomorrow”

“You’re right”

They swim back to their starting point while holding hand with each other. Wendy can’t stop looking at the ring on her finger and smiling like idiot


Ayden is reading magazine at the balcony when Wendy hugged him from behind. She peppered his face with kisses

“Honey~” Ayden caressed Wendy cheek

“Emm” Wendy hummed cutely

“I thought you take bath”

“I forgot something”

“Then why are you here?”

“I forgot you”

Ayden quickly looked at Wendy who smiling seductively “What do you just said?”

“Join me” Wendy whisper

The magazine on Ayden hand fall down to the couch while his body freeze “Are you sure?”

“We’re engage, right?” Wendy peck Ayden lips

“Y-yes but…”

“I know you want it long time ago but you hesitant so now I offer to you” Wendy smile widely then she stand properly “I give you 2 minutes and if you don’t come in that period, you will never get it until we married” she left to the bathroom while Ayden still zone out

“BABY, YOU’RE COMING OR NOT? I WILL LOCK THIS DOOR IN 10 SECONDS” Wendy shout from the bathroom then she start counting

“I’m coming baby!” Ayden jump from the couch then run to the bathroom


Before left the resort, Ayde

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