Part 26

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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Currently Ayden and Wendy are inside the plane on their way to next destination. Earlier, Samuel family sent them off to the airport escorted by bunch of bodyguards to prevent anyone exposed Wendy presence. Ayden also informed that they will guarded by tight security at the airport include in Korea. It is to avoid media or public to come out with unnecessary news about Wendy.

“Babe, is it only me or it really feel like we’re going honeymoon now?” Wendy played with Ayden fingers that intertwined with hers

“I also feel the same” Ayden giggle

“I feel like dreaming that we’re travel across the globe since we start dating”

“We dated so long at country so we will do it around the world after this”

“Hey, we’re not dating back then” Wendy whine

“I consider it as dating” Ayden laughed lightly “For sure, I want to travel around the world with my love one that is you. I will bring you anywhere we could go because after we get married and have kids, it will be hard to travel together around since we have to spend lot of time with them”

Wendy hugged Ayden arms and rest her head on Ayden shoulder “Hmm, you’re right. I never think about that even I want to travel with my beloved boyfriend but nevermind, I agree with your point. If we have kids one day, we will not leaving them if we travel unless it for business or working that we can’t help it”

“True” Ayden kissed Wendy forehead softly “You should sleep now. The journey will be tiring soon as we land later”

“Yahh, are we hiking or what?”

“Not telling you” Ayden smirk

“You so bad” Wendy pinch Ayden hand

“Don’t worry darling, I will not let you tired. Let sleep” Ayden peck Wendy lips then caressed her cheek as both of them drift to sleep


When they arrived at airport, someone fetch them and drive to the jetty that is one hour from the airport. From the jetty, they ride a boat to the place they will stay. The weather is good that make them enjoy the beautiful scene of crystal clear water

“You know lot of people here, huh?” Wendy holds on Ayden hand. She still remember that Ayden greeted by the people soon as he step out of the car. They welcome them warmly and the villagers really happy when Ayden introduce her as his girlfriend

“Yeah, they are my people so they know me”

“They are working with Platinum?”

“Yup, the subsidiary of Platinum. That jetty area was owned by our company so majorities are work with us. Papa redeveloped that area from a small village to a town that complete with facilities and provide work opportunities to the residents. I used to stay here for months with mom and pops when I’m still kid so the people here know me already. I have good time here”

Wendy listening to Ayden story while staring at him lovingly “Your family is so amazing. You guys helping people in need and it such a good example. I hope I can do things like you all did too”

“Well, just take slow step as long as you do it with good heart and not expect anything in return. Seeing everyone around us smiling happily is good enough”

“True” Wendy nods her head “Hey, let’s take picture”

“Sure” then Wendy take few pictures of them on the boat using her phone

After 20 minutes of boat ride, they arrived at the destination. It looked like a hidden place that Wendy never heard. She knew lot of private islands and resorts but not this one.

“We arrived” Ayden chirped “Let’s go honey”


“Be careful” Ayden help her to get down the boat

Someone is approaching them with big smile. It is a man in 40s wearing beach shirt and hat

“Hello Mr. Samuel, welcome back”

“Hi Mr. Bob, it’s been a while” both of them shake hand with Mr. Bob

“True, I guess you’re busy nowadays since you not come as often as before”

“I’m very busy after take over Platinum Korea” Ayden chuckle

“I heard it from our boss and wish you luck. You’re big boss now. Last time you come here you said you’re a worker like us” Mr. Bob said jokingly

“I still a worker, we have higher boss, remember” they laughed

“You’re right. Hey, let’s go to meet Mr. Kelvin. He is waiting for us. He work since morning to make food for you guys”

“Sure, let’s go” Ayden intertwined his hand with Wendy as they ready to walk again

Before they left the jetty, Mr. Bob asked the staff to bring the luggage to the room where they will stay later. They proceed to walk to meet Mr. Kelvin that is located at open air restaurant

“Hey boss, welcome home” a man taller than Mr. Bob greet them loudly

“Hey Mr. Kelvin, how are you?”

“I’m good as usual”

“Glad to hear that” Mr. Kelvin grin “Seem like you need to introduce someone to me”

“He not even introduce the guest to me” Mr. Bob teasing

Ayden wrapped his arm around Wendy waist “This is my girlfriend, Wendy”

“Welcome to our resort Ms. Wendy” Mr. Bob and Mr. Kelvin said politely

“Thank you”

“Hope you enjoy your days to the fullest here” Mr. Kelvin said

“My pleasure Mr. Kelvin” Wendy said excitedly

“Wen, this is Mr. Kelvin, head chef of the resort and this one is Mr. Bob, the resort manager” Ayden said to Wendy

“Don’t forget Stuart” Mr. Bob said

“Yeah right, Mr. Stuart is the restaurant manager but he is not around”

“True, Stuart go out to meet food

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