Part 24

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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Next morning, they check out from the hotel and head to the house after breakfast at the nearby café. Wendy still very nervous even Ayden say that his family can’t wait to meet with her. She also want to meet with The Samuel but not this early. However, she calm herself so that she will be presentable to them

“Babe, are you nervous?” Ayden hold Wendy hand with his free hand

“A little bit but I’m fine, don’t worry”

“Okay, my mom keep asking when we will arrive but I not telling her”

“Aigooo, you fooling around with your mom” Wendy chuckle in disbelieve

Ayden laugh lightly before he talk “I want to surprise them”

“Silly” Wendy pinch Ayden cheek

After 1 hour driving, they arrive at the destination. Wendy heart start racing when Ayden stop his car in front of the mini villa. They go out of the car and Ayden lead them to the door. He pressed the doorbell and wait for the door to open

“Relax, okay?” Ayden peck Wendy lips

“Alright” Wendy take deep breath

Door swing open showing a middle-age man with big smile plastered on his face. He resemble Ayden so Wendy know that he is Mr. Samuel

“Papa!” Ayden hugging his dad happily

“My son, long times no see” Mr. Samuel pats Ayden back

“Miss me?” Ayden joking with his dad

“Of course, I miss you so much” Mr. Samuel grin “Hey, you not introduce this pretty girl to me?”

Ayden who forgot Wendy presence turn around and hold Wendy hand “I will introduce her later”

“Alright, let go inside. Your sister and your mom are at the kitchen”

“Okay” they walk inside the house

“Darling, our guest arrived” Mr. Samuel announce to his family while walk the couple to living room

Few while later, Ayden’s mother and his sisters come to living room with excited smile

“My little Samuel, I miss you” Mrs. Samuel hugging her son happily

“I miss you too mama” Ayden kiss his mom temple

“What about us?” the sisters whine

“Of course I miss both of you” Ayden then hugging his sisters

Mr. Samuel clears his throat “You guys don’t forget that we have guest”

The Samuel sibling flinched and ends their little reunion “Oh my God Ayden, this is your girlfriend?”

“Yes sis” Ayden scratch his head and grinning

“How dare you forgot to tell us” Mrs. Samuel playfully glare at her son

“Everyone, this is my girlfriend”

“Hello, I am Wendy” Wendy bow her head politely

“Hi Wendy, welcome to the house” the Samuel said

“Thank you” Wendy smile shyly. By now she’s a bit relax seeing Ayden family is playful and joking a lot with each other

“Babe, this is my mom and dad” said Ayden

“Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Samuel”

“No need to call us formally sweetie, just call us mama and papa like Ayden did” Mrs. Samuel said softly

“True, you’re part of our family after all” Mr. Samuel added

“Okay then”

Then they turn to Ayden sisters “This is my older sister, Ava Samuel and my second sister, Evelyn Samuel”

“Welcome to the family sis” the girls said in friendly manner

“Thank you sis” Wendy giggle

“Ayden, you don’t need to introduce me with my middle name. We’re not working” Evelyn said

“I used to tell them using your middle name so it’s a bit familiar”

“You know about me already?” Evelyn face brightened

“A little bit when Ayden tell us about your business”

“Okay then”

“Oh, Platinum Korea worked with girl group from SM Entertainment, right?” Ava said

“Yes sis, Wendy is the group member” Ayden said

“That’s mean you two meet after the collaboration?” Mr. Samuel asked

“Nope, we meet earlier than that. It was too long before we work together”

“We meet at art gallery last year” Wendy said

“Ayden talk a lot about you” Mrs. Samuel stated then they teasing Ayden

“Really?” Wendy looking at her boyfriend who slightly blushing

“They just kidding” Ayden said

“He’s too shy to admit it” Ayden mother said teasingly

“Mama!” Ayden whining

“Stop whining in front of your girlfriend. You’re not kid anymore” Ava said

“He whining a lot these days” said Wendy

“It just influence from Joy and Yerim” Ayden said

“I can’t believe that you behave like a kid around your girlfriend” Evelyn shakes her head

“Hey you two are fans of kpop so if you have anything to ask, you two can ask her” said Ayden to his sister

“Yeah right” Ava and Evelyn looking at each other “Wendy, we’re big fans of kpop but sadly we’re not chosen to work at Platinum Korea”

“Which groups do you like or solo singer?” Wendy asked

“Super Junior, EXO, Girls’ Generation, BoA, Red Velvet and KangTa” Evelyn list our their favorite idols

“We’re at the same agency” Wendy said

Ava and Evelyn squeal “Awesome, we will visit your agency when we go to Korea”

“Anytime, I will bring you two to meet them”

“Yeay, thank you Wendy”

“No problem sis” Wendy grins. The nervous feeling was long gone and she enjoy it around them

“You belong to which group?” Mrs. Samuel questioned excitedly looking at the idol face

“I’m from Red Velvet”

“We’re your fans” Ava and Evelyn link arm with each other

“Thank you”

“She is the main vocalist of the group” Ayden said

“We listened to

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