Part 22

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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Ayden wake up from his sleep when he felt something soft on his face and something tickle his nose. He opened his eyes slowly and screams seeing Wendy face is too close to him then push her away

“Yaa, are you that scare?” Wendy laughing at her boyfriend after her trick to wake him up success

“You…you’re too close and your hair fall down make you look like something” Ayden rubbing his chest as his heart thumping badly

“Look like what?” Wendy smile goofily

“Like Annabelle…that scary doll”

“Oh, you compare me with that ugly doll?”

“No, I don’t mean that” Ayden scratch his head

The idol giggle seeing Ayden panicking “Done with that face, go take bath now. I ordered our breakfast already”

“Why you wake up early and you left me alone on the bed?”

“Mr. Samuel, I tried to wake you up since one hour ago but you sleep like a log. I take bath then order our food but you still sleeping. I guess I have to haunt you every morning to wake you up”

“That is because you keep me awake whole night”

“So it’s my fault?”


“Okay, you won’t get any kiss this morning. Go shower now!” Wendy said and left the bedroom

They eat breakfast after Ayden done with morning routine. Wendy choose to eat at the balcony so they can enjoy morning view of the city

“How long you will stay here?” Wendy ask

“Maybe 2 weeks”

“I thought just few days”


“I have to go home early. I can’t stay too long”

“No, we will go back together” Ayden said quickly

“I have to work Ayden and I not working at my own company like you”

“Of course you will not go back without me. We still have lot of place to go before we return home”

“You sound like you come for vacation, not working”

Ayden giggle lightly “This few days of course I’m working but only until day after tomorrow so I have to leave you alone here while I’m working. Then we will go somewhere and spend our weekend. After that we will travel to other country and spend another few days there. Then on next weekend we will go home. Next week we will work as usual”

“Eyyy, I just bring stuff enough for few days, you know. I not prepare for long holiday and my members don’t know this will take long”

“Don’t worry about stuff, we can buy it later. You can tell your members that your holiday will extend and I will contact Sunny to tell her that you’re absence until next week”

“You deal with situation easily”

“Well, it’s good that our girlfriend work with someone that we know so it’s too easy for me. Don’t worry, Sunny will be fine with that. I know her long time ago and she’s considerate”

“I know” Wendy admits the statement “You have to bring me shopping later”

“Okay, no problem. Do you still need to hide?”

“No, no need to hide anymore” Wendy shake her head

“What if someone spot you?”

“I will just release statement after that” Wendy said confidently

“Is it not affecting your carrier?” Ayden asked worriedly

Wendy peck Ayden cheek and smile to him “Hubby, I told you I choose you over everything so you don’t have to think about it. I will handle the situation, alright? Besides I also want to release statement that I’m dating someone so that no one bugging me about dating anymore”

“I will support whatever you do. No worry, I will hold your back” Ayden pats Wendy shoulder softly

“Thanks hubby”

“No problem honey” Ayden kiss Wendy lips


Ayden dragged by Wendy to bring her shopping for some stuff that she need since she not prepare for long travel. Wendy skipped happily inside the shop while Ayden tailing her without complain…at least he not voice it out or show it to his girlfriend

“Baby, do you really need these stuffs?” Ayden pointed at the basket that fille

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