Part 21

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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Meanwhile Ayden rush back to the hotel after Eric told him that Wendy is crying and she want to go back to Korea. He really worry that he will lost Wendy again and he don’t want it to happen. When he arrived at the room, Wendy is nowhere to be seen. He checked the bedroom but Wendy is not there. His shoes also no found. He panic and call Eric again

“Hello dude” – Eric

“Hey Eric, Wendy is not here” – Ayden

“WHAT? It can’t be. She will not go anywhere. Have you checked the rooms?” – Eric

“I checked already but I don’t found her” – Ayden

“Why don’t you call Tiff in case she go to meet Wendy and they go somewhere” – Eric

“Okay, I will call her” – Ayden

After that, Ayden quickly call Tiffany

“Hey stupid, why do you call me? I’m driving now!” – Tiffany

“Tiff, are you with Wendy now?” – Ayden

“No, I on the way to meet with client” – Tiffany

“She’s not around Tiff. Do you know where she is?” – Ayden

“Go check at rooftop, maybe she still there” – Tiffany

“Okay” - Ayden

“Hey, wait!” – Tiffany

“What?” – Ayden

“Don’t make her cry anymore. She’s hurting now. If you don’t want her, let her go and set her free. She not worth the pain” – Tiffany

“I’m sorry Tiff but this time I will not doing stupid things again” – Ayden

“Okay, I trust you. Go see her now” – Tiffany

“Thanks Tiff” – Ayden

Ayden reach the rooftop and he found Wendy at the same spot where Tiffany left her. She buried her face between her folded arms on the table. Ayden walk slowly and really nervous that time

“Wen” he tapped Wendy arm softly but Wendy not moving. Then he try again by shaking her a bit “Wen, wake up” the girl wake up from her sleep and rubbing her eyes

“What are you doing here?” Wendy asked groggily

“I come to find you. Are you okay baby?” Ayden cupped Wendy face

“I’m fine” Wendy cover since she yawn hard

Ayden pull the empty chair and sit beside Wendy “Are you tired?”

“Yes and sleepy, it’s all your fault”

“I know, I’m sorry” Ayden left hand on Wendy waist and right holding Wendy’s hand, caressing it softly

“Do you think you deserve my forgiveness?”

Ayden silent for a while “Either I deserve it or not, I will still apologize for hurting you”

“You not only hurting me but you leave me when I want to talk to you and I need you the most. You disappear like a dust when I want to explain everything to you. You said you will always be there for me but no, you’re not. Instead of letting me explain, you just jump to conclusion. You know that I never interest with other guy. I reject you doesn’t mean I choose him. You should be grateful that Eric is there and he covers the gap for you. What if he’s not around, what do you think I should do?” Wendy sobbing

Ayden froze on his place as he absorb what Wendy just said “Babe, I don’t mean to left you. My mind is in a mess and I can’t think straight. I’m hurting too and it worse after your dating news comes out. I hate the fact that you choose other person over me”

“You should wait until I release the statement about that. If you let me explain or wait for my response, things will not be this messy. I can’t even contact you after that morning”

“I broke my phone”

“Is it making you felt better?” Wendy asked coldly while Ayden not giving respond “You can just use office phone to call me or borrow Eric or Yoona’s phone. That excuse is not acceptable. Then Eric also told me that you leave with Tiffany a day later”

“She insisted me to come here. She wanted me to heal here”

“You can just resist the offer, right?” Wendy glare at Ayden “I guess she take care of you better than I do that you decide to lie to me about marrying her”

“Babe, it’s not what you’re thinking. I don’t mean to lie to you about that. I just out of my mind”

“I know your parent want you to marry her”

“Eric told you?”


“Do you trust it?”

“I know he not deceive me like you do”

Ayden hugged Wendy sideway and rest his head on Wendy temple “Baby, there is no way that I will marry other girl except you. No matter what happen between us, I will find a way to get you back. I know what I did is wrong and coward but as I told you, I can’t think straight. I feel like the world against me. You reject me 2 times in a row then you going out with him and after that the news come out. It’s hitting me badly. I not blame you for whatever happened between us. I will take the blame instead. I too rush and too confident that you will like me back. That is what I got. I suppose to respect your decision but I ruin everything. Now I realized that I confess to you mean I’m letting you go. Everything started from my carelessness. If only I hold myself, everything will not turn bad and we will still together like before. You will not ignore me, you will still come back to my apartment and you will still giving me warm hug whenever I’m tired. I go through lot of hard times in 2 months we’re separated. Everything I do is not going well. I keep making mistake. I lost half of myself that have you in it. It’s fine if you can’t forgive me. I will understand that but always remember that I always waiting for you. I will not give up on you. Not in my wildest dream” he wiped his tears with his hand and Wendy also crying as well “Baby, don’t cry” he rubbed Wendy back softly

Wendy turn to face Ayden and hugging him tightly. She cry a mess in his embrace “Don’t leave me again”

“It is the last thing I will do” Ayden kiss Wendy temple

Both of them calm down in each other embrace “Let’s

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