Part 20

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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Ayden meet with Tiffany and Eric at the café nearby the hotel. Right now he get murderous glare from Tiffany and Eric

“WHAT?” Tiffany shouts loudly not minding the other customer at the café. She send them murderous glare when they looking at their table with annoying expression while Eric and Ayden cover their poor ears “I can’t believe that you saying that” Tiffany rubbing her temple

“Tiff, I also don’t know what happen to me that time and I just blurt it out” Ayden scratch his head

“Out of any lie you can say, why you said that you’re getting married? Do you know that you’re killing her? She goes through a lot since you’re disappeared and you should be happy that she comes here to confront you. She know that everything entirely her fault and she make a move to approach you to apologize for hurting you. Now it turned out you hurt her back” Eric almost strangles Ayden neck after that guy telling them that he lies to Wendy about the marriage news. He can see how devastated Wendy is right now

“Dude, I told you I don’t know what got into my mind. I just don’t realize that I say that” Ayden make apologetic face

“Now what are you going to do?” Tiffany asking with scary voice

“I don’t know” Ayden shrug his shoulder

“Oh my gosh, Ayden Samuel!” Tiffany groan

Ayden looking at Eric as he seek for help “I don’t want to help you this time” Eric raise his hands as sign of surrender

“Tiff, please”

After long silent and dead glare she gave to Ayden, Tiffany finally talk “I will help you but this is last time I do it”

“Thanks Tiff”

“I will explain to her the real situation but I not apologize on your behalf”

“It’s okay, at least you help”

“Alright” Tiffany roll her eyes

Ayden arrive at the hotel but not seeing Wendy around. He not worry about Wendy leaving the place because her shoes still there. After put the paper bag on dining table, Ayden go to the bedroom. He knocked few time but no respond so he decide to open the door. Luckily it’s not lock so he just entered. He spot a lump on the bed and it was Wendy sleeping peacefully.

He crouch beside the bed and stare at the sleeping face that he missed so much. He brushed away the hair strands that covering Wendy face to get better view. It has been 2 months since they part away from each other more like he avoiding Wendy. It suffocating him not seeing Wendy and hold her like he used to do but he’s really hurt after Wendy dump him twice. When the dating news come out, he feel like dying thinking that Wendy choosing Jackson rather than him. He almost doing something like he used to do but he still keep his sane. He doesn’t want his family to hate Wendy for making him go through hard time again. Thankful that Tiffany is there when the chaos happened and she took him with her so that he can have space to clear his mind. He destroyed his phone due to his anger so no one will disturb him. After few days stay at New York, he calm down but still can’t erase the thought of Wendy in someone arms. He plan to see her when he return to Korea after his trip but Eric is quick that he bring Wendy along with him but he destroy the chance he have and hurt Wendy with his absurd lie.

After good 10 minutes admiring Wendy, he softly tap her shoulder “Wen, wake up”

The girl slightly moving and rubbing her eyes “Emm”

“Wake up, I bought food for you. You haven’t eat yet, it’s dinner time”

“Okay” Wendy answered groggily

“I wait outside, okay?”

“Emm” Wendy nods

The girl come to dining room after wash her face and tie her hair to bun. It looked like the first time Wendy stay at Ayden place and he smiling while remembering that moment. One thing that he just realized is Wendy eyes look swollen. He know he make Wendy crying and he hate himself for doing that

“Eat your food” he said softly


Wendy eat silently and look like she not enjoy the food “Is that food not good?”

“I not in mood to eat” Wendy push the plate

“Wen, you have to eat. You haven’t eat anything since you arrive, I don’t want you to get sick”

“You don’t have to care about me. I can take care of myself. I don’t need your sympathy” Ayden flinched by the cold tone from Wendy. It is first time she use that tone towards him. Wendy used to get upset but she never this scary “Thanks for this food, I not in mood to eat” Wendy get up from the chair but Ayden grab his wrist

“Sit down”

“I want to go to bedroom”

“I said sit down” Ayden said sternly and Wendy sit again on the chair

Ayden scoop the food and bring it close to Wendy mouth “I told you I don’t want to eat”

“Please, at least finish this food” Ayden voice soften


“Son Seungwan, why are you so stubborn?”

“I told you; don’t need to act like you care about me!”

“Okay, let this be the last one if you really don’t want me to involve in your life anymore. I promise I will stay away” Ayden receive dead glare from Wendy but he ignore it. He don’t mean his word either. He just says that so Wendy will eat her food and thankful it work.

Ayden carefully feed Wendy with the last scoop then he put the spoon down on the plate “There, your food finish”


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