Part 18

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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It has been few days since Ayden disappear and it makes Wendy worry to dead. She try to call him but he is unreachable. She still thinking either she should ask Eric about him or continue waiting for Ayden to appear again.

Right now, Wendy and her members have breakfast together at their dorm. They busy talking about random stuff while Irene goes to living room to talk with their manager on the phone. Few minutes later, the leader comeback

“Guys, unnie called me just now. She said we will have meeting with Jessica unnie and Eric on 10:15 AM so she want us to get ready before 9:30” Irene sit back on her chair

“Okay unnie”

They continue eating their food since it still early to get ready.


In Eric office, they have meeting regarding the project that still ongoing. Everyone pay attention to Jessica explanation and mentally take note

“For now we just give you all briefing about the promotion but we can’t start it yet because our boss is not around to sign some document. Once everything is ready, we will start the photoshot and film the promotional video” Eric said after Jessica end her briefing


“That’s all for the briefing and I need Ms. Park to go with me for a while. I want to give some document to you and give to Ms. Sunny” said Jessica

“Okay Ms. Jessica” the female manager nods her head

“Can I leave the girls here for a while?” Jessica asking Eric

“Sure no problem, I will take care of them” Eric joking

“Alright” Jessica and Ms. Park leave the office

“So how are you all these days?” Eric initiating their talk

“We’re doing fine” Joy answered and Eric nods his head

“Wendy, how are you?”

“I’m good” Wendy answer shortly

“You look restless and anxious today”

“Am I?” Wendy shocked by the random guess from Eric

Eric chuckle “Not to brag but I studied psychology so that’s it. I can read you well”

“Daebak” the other girls said in awe

“Eyy, don’t say that” Eric turn shy suddenly

“We’re just really proud. It’s amazing if we can read people mind and I hope I can do too” said Irene

“Well, you can study if you have time”

“I hope I have time to study psychology” Irene sighs

“Unnie, if you have ability to read someone mind, who will you read?” Yeri asked

“Kang Seulgi of course” Irene smirked evilly

“I’m happy that she can’t read mind” Seulgi giggle

“Do you plan to cheat?” Irene glare at the bear

“Of course not, I mean if you can read my mind it wouldn’t be surprise in case I want to do something for you”

“Okay, I accept the reason”

“I’m glad that she not interested to read mine” said Yeri

“Me too” Joy added

“You guys are funny” Eric laugh lightly

“Sorry for interrupt your talk with Wendy” said Seulgi

“It’s fine, we should have casual talk sometimes. I quite stress lately since Ayden leaving. I need to run here and there on his behalf and my own task too”

“Poor thing”

“What to do, right?” everyone look at him with sympathy then Eric turn to Wendy who just silent like she thinking of something “Wen, answer me”

“Lot of things play in my mind lately that’s why I’m like this” Wendy decide to open up since her members also there so she don’t need to tell them at dorm

“You need someone to talk so if you don’t mind, you may open up”

Wendy nods slowly “I decide to do that too since my members also here so it’s right time” she take deep breath “It’s about me and Ayden”

“Oh, is it because of dating news recently?” Eric curious

“It’s not the starting point, it just worsen the mess” everyone shocked

“So you two are in mess even before the news?” Irene confusedly ask

“Yes, thing start on my birthday when we’re out to date. He confess to me but I reject him”

“WHAT?” the girls squeal

“What happen after that?” Eric ask calmly. He also motion the girls to calm down

“Everything is still good that time and we still going out as usual. Then during our vacation at Australia, he secretly invited me for dinner date and he confess for second time”

“Oppa is there too?” Seulgi ask shockingly

“Yes, he said he come with Eric and Yoona” Wendy answered

“True, we have meeting at Melbourne that time and he insist to stay at the resort. We know his intention is want to see you so we just obey to him” Eric said

“What happen then?” Joy eagerly asking

“I reject him again” Wendy sigh

“Aigooooo” the girls groan

“That resulting he told us to leave really early on next day. He look so upset that morning but we not dare to ask” Eric said again

“I know he feel dejected. That is not first time but twice rejection from me. From that moment, we rarely meet each other again; just short phone call and text. He is obviously avoiding me. He is distant himself from me. Although we practically part way, he still answering my call and reply my text but it short and cold. The mess was getting bad after the dating news and we lost contact soon after he called me on the incident morning. I can never reach him again and until now. I’m waiting for days but he is still silent. I want to ask you but I don’t want to involve you in this”

“Since now I know about it, you don’t have choice but drag me to the mess, right?”

“I guess so”

“Since the day he told me about his feeling towards you and about your interest in relationship, I can predict something will go wrong. I advised him to think twice before confess to you but he not listen to me. Now see what happen to both of you. He really, really loves you that he willing to hurt himself even he know the chance for you to accept him is thin. I told him to be careful before fall in love again. I don’t want to see the old Ayden and luckily he not doing something stupid like last time he breakup with his girlfriend”

“What happened to him?”

“3 years ago, Ayden is not Ayden that we know. After breakup, he does nothing but spending his night at the bar, smoking and drink alcohol. His parents are really angry but he doesn’t care about people around him. He’s in depressed state because of that girl. Things twist on the day his mom found him passed out in his room and their doctor said he is having high blood pressure. He admitted for months that result him hate the hospital since then. After he recovered from the illness, his dad put him in important position in their company with hope he don’t have time to play around. It still not really working, he still sneaked out of their house and go to club. The worst is he worked himself off until late at night. After his dad caught him, he asked Ayden to take over Platinum Korea because at the same time the boss here retired. I assigned to take care of him that’s why I transfer from the HQ and change with COO here. I’m his caretaker for God sake”

Everyone focused on what Eric told them like the story is really interesting “He told me that he doesn’t have lot of friend and his circle is small but he is social” Wendy confused

“His circle is small since he’s basically not social person and getting small when we come here. Ayden is good boy back then until the painful event in his life. Once we start live here, he not going to club because he has issue to communicate with people here. It makes me relief a bit that I don’t need to run to every clubs in town just to search for him. However, Ayden is really smart. He never runs out of alcohol in his apartment. Not until you often stay there. I’m very surprise seeing nothing but food in his fridge since the day you start sleepover at his place. I don’t see any beer bottle or cans in the trash bin. Believe it or not, you really give big impact on him that’s why I noticed that he seriously want to start relationship with you”

Wendy found herself blushing while her friends teasing her “Yah, don’t tease me”

“Okay” the girls cackling

While they joking around, Eric’s secretary come to the office with Ipad on her hand then she give it to him

“Mr. Daniel, our boss wanted to have video call with you. He will call back in few minutes”

“Okay” the secretary left after that

“Girls, I hope you all don’t mind if I talk to him for a while”

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