Part 17

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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Wendy get ready to go to work when her phone ringing early in the morning. She rushed to her bed and grabs the singing device. The caller is no other that Ayden. She curious when Ayden suddenly call her that early because when they still in good state, Ayden also rarely call her early in the morning unless for urgent matter

“Hello” – Wendy

“Hello Wen” – Ayden

“Why do you call this early?” – Wendy

“Sorry if my call disturbing you, I just want to congratulate…” – Ayden

“Congratulate for what?” – Wendy

“Wendy, don’t act like you’re clueless. I’m sad because you not telling me that you have boyfriend now” – Ayden

“What boyfriend that you talk about? I don’t understand” – Wendy

“Stop hiding Son Seungwan. Whole country knows that you’re in relationship now. Why you keep talking like you don’t know anything?” – Ayden

“Aaron, I really don’t know whatever you’re saying now” – Wendy

“Hmm, just go find news. Last time I promise you that I will take care of you until you find love of your life so my duty is over and I have to leave you now” – Ayden

“Aaron please, it just misunderstand” – Wendy

“Listen to me Wen, just this time. Thanks for giving me chance to love you even you not feel the same. I hope you’re happy with your choice. For very last time, I love you Wen, so much than you can imagine” – Ayden

Without waiting for Wendy reply, Ayden hang up. The main vocalist startled when Seulgi and Joy barged into her room


“What’s wrong? What with the fuss early in the morning? I’m dizzy already” Wendy just recover from the shock because of Ayden and now her friends start it again

“You don’t see the news this morning, unnie?” Joy folded her arms over her chest

“I don’t know. I really don’t know what happen. Ayden call me just now and talking about nonsense things. Now you two coming to me like something bad happen” Wendy rubbing her temple

“You see this” Seulgi show her phone screen to Wendy and the said girl jaw dropped

[Breaking news] Wendy of Red Velvet spotted on date with Jackson Got7 at certain café in town

Dispatch released few photos of the i3dols going out for date last week. The photos proving that they are not meet once but few times. Fans are happy with this news and they hope it will come true. Everyone eagerly waiting for their agency responds to the dating news and they expect good news from both idols.

By the time Wendy finish reading the article, Irene and Yeri also join them in her room

“Wendy, is it true?” Irene asking

“Unnie, that is not true. We’re not dating” Wendy denies the news

“Both of you look really close in few photos. It makes people assume that you

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