Part 16

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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On 6:40 PM, Red Velvet and their managers arrive at the dinner venue. Eric greet them at the entrance along with his secretary

“Good evening everyone” Eric said

“Good evening Mr. Daniel”

“We wait here for a while then we enter with our boss. They are on the way”


Few minutes later, black luxury car stop in front of entrance. A man around his 30’s come out from driver seat and opens the back door while Yoona get out of the front seat and open the door behind her. Seeing both door are open, they assume that Ayden not come alone. The managing director wearing black suit that make him look really handsome than usual. Ayden always look good in formal outfit. Wendy secretly smiles seeing Ayden that she missed so much. Up till now, it has been a month they practically parting way. She always tries to reach him but Ayden keep giving excuse that makes their text or conversation not last longer. Her smile fade away when she saw Ayden holding hand with a gorgeous woman that comes with him. That woman smile to Ayden tenderly. Unknown to Wendy, the other members are also curious seeing Ayden with that girl. Everyone try to think positive that Ayden never deceive them before.

Eric step forward to greet the boss “Good evening Mr. Samuel and Ms. Tiffany”

“Good evening”

“Tiff, this is a kpop girl group that appointed as our endorser. They are Red Velvet” Ayden introducing the girls to Tiffany

“Good evening girls” Tiffany flashing big smile to them

“Good evening Ms. Tiffany”

“Girls, this is Ms. Tiffany Hwang from Platinum Global USA”

“Nice to meet you Ms. Tiffany”

“Nice to meet you all too and I hope we can have talk sometimes. I’m fans of kpop too” Tiffany said to the girls. They surprise seeing her so friendly because she look cold when first time they saw her soon as she get out of the car

“Sir, we have to go inside now” said Eric

“Alright, let’go”

While they are walking inside, Tiffany linking her arms with Ayden. She looked so clingy to him and Ayden also treat her kindly. The girls ride same elevator with Tiffany, Ayden and Eric while the secretaries and managers take another elevator

The ride is silent until Tiffany break it “Ayden, do you feel better now?” Tiffany sound worry

“I’m fine now, don’t worry” Ayden cough a bit and his breathe quite heavy due to runny nose

“If you not feel well, I can deliver speech on your behalf” Tiffany concerned

“Tiff, I’m fine. The speech won’t take long. Don’t worry, okay?”

Tiffany sigh in defeat “You always stubborn”


Tiffany turn to Eric who stand behind them “Eric, can you buy painkiller for Mr. Samuel after the event? He runs out of meds”

“Sure, I will do it later”

“Thanks Eric and tomorrow come early to his place we will bring him to clinic”


“I don’t want to go” Ayden said lowly but everyone still can hear

“No objection little Samuel or I will tell your mom that you’re sick then she will fly here by tomorrow” Tiffany threatened

Elevator door open and they step out of it. The guest at the hall stands up soon as they enter the big door. Since they are VIP, they share same table with Ayden, Tiffany and Eric. Wendy and Ayden sit across to each other that make both of them often exchange glance. She is looking at Ayden with worry and questioning eyes while the guy eyes look empty and fill with hurt. Ayden smile to her but it not as gentle as before.

Wendy noticed that Ayden practically glare at her from the start and he not focus on whatever happen on stage. His expression is not please seeing her. She tried to avoid his gaze but she still can see him on her peripheral vision. Few w

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