Part 15

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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Wendy stared at her phone blankly as she waiting for Ayden to reply her text. She noticed that Ayden not texting her frequently like he used to do and he always busy with his work lately. They also haven’t seen each other for weeks now and phone call also getting less. Ayden look like don’t care about her anymore even when she told him that she is very tired. He not casually comes to deliver her favorite drink like before.

Everything changed drastically after they return from Australia and of course Wendy know the rejection make Ayden distant himself from her. She feels sorry at Ayden but she can’t help it. There are a lot of things that she needs to think about before starting relationship. She doesn’t want to rush it and she doesn’t want to regret her decision. Ayden is good man after all but she doesn’t want him to wait for her because she didn’t know when she will open her heart to date someone. It better that Ayden hurt now before everything is too late. If Ayden decide to stop seeing her, she will accept his decision. If they are mean for each other, she believes that they will cross path again in future.

Her phone beeping signaling a notification was received and she check it

“Hi, sorry I take too long to reply. I have some works to do. I still at office right now” – Ayden

The text sound bland to Wendy and show no emotion from the sender

“You go home late again today. You should rest” – Wendy

“Don’t worry about me. I will be fine” – Ayden

“Have you eaten your dinner?” – Wendy

“Not yet” – Ayden

“I told you already, don’t skip your meal” – Wendy

“Wen, don’t make me misunderstand more, please” – Ayden

“I just worry about you” – Wendy

“I told you I will be fine. Just go and rest. I have lot of work to do. Goodnight” – Ayden

“Goodnight” – Wendy

It’s not first time Ayden texting her coldly but almost every time since the incident. She missed the warm and sweet Ayden that she used to know but she not sure if Ayden will treat her like that anymore.


One fine day at Red Velvet dorm, everyone chill at living room since it was their off-day. Seulgi and Yeri playing video game using Yeri’s game console that Ayden bought for her. Joy watching movie on Yeri’s VR device while Irene using Seulgi’s. Both of them are really into the movie. Sometimes Irene sobbing as the movie is sad while Joy laughing like crazy because she watch comedy movie. The gamers are sometimes bickering with each other because of the game. The only missing is Wendy who goes out to meet someone

“Kang Seulgi, stop playing play your game!” Irene whine after finish the sad movie. She still sobbing that make her face look in a mess

“Yah, what’s wrong with you? Why are you crying?” Seulgi asking while still focus on the game

“The movie is so sad”

“That’s why I told you don’t choose the sad movie. You always crying after watching movie”

“Stop talking, comfort me now” Irene whimper like a kid

“Okay, okay, Yerim we will continue later” Seulgi said

“Aaaa, unnie is such a kid” Yeri complain

“That is movie fault, not me” Irene throw herself to Seulgi embrace as the bear soothing her

“Seulgi unnie, next time when we play game don’t let unnie watching movie” Seulgi just giggle at Yeri statement

“You’re so mean Kang Yerim”

“Not my fault, your fault” Yeri said while change the game mode to single player “Unnie, why you two not marry to each other and make Kang family come true”

“We’re comfortable in relationship now” said Seulgi

“Everybody said you two look good together and even invent couple name like Seulrene or something. I also found lot of video made from our fans about both of you” the maknae stated

“If we’re meant-to-be, one day we will get married. We still have lot of things to go after now so we can’t make decision. It’s enough that we both trus

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