Part 14

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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A/N Thanks to dear Psycho5 for mood boosting comments and share some ideas. I hope I can insert some of your idea in incoming parts that I haven't write yet. Thank you very much dear

With love, HTJ

Red Velvet members and their managers are enjoying themselves like there no tomorrow. They love everything provided at the resort from the luxury hotel room to luxury meal that served to them. They not expect it will be this grand but it really make them feel like VIP. The vacation feels too short for them to enjoy and they want to stay there more

“Tomorrow is our last day” Joy walk lazily to the bench after play dodge ball with their manager

“We should come here again” said Irene

“You and Seulgi can come here for honeymoon” said Wendy

Irene love the idea “Bear, can we come again next time?”

“Sure, no problem” the bear said

“Seulgi unnie will never say no to you” Yeri and Joy cackle

“Whipped” Wendy join them laughing

“Okay, I got it” Irene glare at them

“Unnie, we just kidding” they apologize quickly before Irene give scary warning

“Whipped” Seulgi laughing at them in return

“Let’s go to our room. I want to rest” Irene said

They walk back to the hotel. They have their own respective room so they can have privacy and rest peacefully.

In her room, Wendy just finish taking bath and still wearing her bathrobe when doorbell ringing. After make sure to tie the bathrobe neatly, she opens the door.

“Good evening Ms. Wendy” a female staff of the hotel greeted her politely

“Good evening, what can I do for you?” Wendy reply with smile

“I come to pass dinner invitation message for you. Someone waiting for you at the restaurant at level 2 an hour from now”

Wendy puzzled “Who is that person?”

“I’m not allowed to say more detail. When you arrive at level 2, our staff are there waiting for you at the entrance then will lead you to meet that person”

“Oh, okay then, thanks”

“Okay” the staff left and Wendy close the door

“Aigooo, who is that person?” Wendy walks back and forth in her room while wondering who the person that invites her for dinner date

One hour later, Wendy found herself in front of the restaurant greeted by the restaurant manager

“Ms. Wendy, this way please”

“Okay” Wendy tailing behind as they enter the luxury restaurant and have romantic vibe

As they walk closer to the table, Wendy jaw drop soon as she see Ayden waiting for her at the table

“Please be seated ma’am”

“Thank you”

“Mr. Samuel, your meal will serve soon”

“Okay, thanks” Ayden smile to his staff then the manager leave them

“Babe, what are you doing here?” Wendy ask immediately

“I come to see you”

“You should tell me early. You said you will not travel around this week yet here you are”

“It’s not a surprise if I tell you” Ayden giggle “Hey, we not greet each other properly yet” he get up from his seat and walk to Wendy side. He bends down and kisses her cheeks and forehead then Wendy also does the same to him “I miss you”

“I miss you too babe”

Ayden sit back on his place and at the same time, their food was served. They start eating while talk with each other

“How was your vacation

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