Part 13

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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Wendy is waiting for cab to pick her up in front of their apartment. She will go out to meet with Jackson as they promised at the bookstore before. While waiting, she busy texting him but then she heard a car stop not far from her. It is Ayden car

“Babe, where are you going?” Ayden quickly asking

“I go out with my friend”

“Your friend?”

“Yup, my friend Jackson the one that I met at bookstore”

Ayden suddenly feel jealous “Shall I go with you?”

“No need, just go home and rest” said Wendy

“Let me drive you”

“I called a cab already so you don’t have to” at the same time the cab arrived “My ride is here so you should go” she walk to the taxi leaving dumbfound Ayden

Ayden just watching the cab leaving with heavy sighs. He very sure with his own feels that he feel jealous because he don’t like it when Wendy close to any guy. Even Wendy reject his confession but he still not gives up yet

“Ayden oppa” Seulgi voice greet him

“Hi Seulgi, Irene, where are you from?” Ayden smile shortly

“We’re from supermarket, shopping groceries”

“Where is Wendy going just now?” Irene questioned curiously

“You two saw her?”


“She goes out to meet her friend”

“Her friend?” the idols are looking at each other “It’s rare that Wendy go out to meet her friend on weekday. Usually they will hangout on weekend because her friends busy working. She just goes out with you all this while” Irene reasoned

“I thought I want to pick her up for dinner tonight but that guy take one step faster than me” Ayden said annoyingly

“She goes out with boy?” Seulgi ask shockingly and same goes to Irene

“Yes, is she doesn’t have male friend?”

“No, she only has female friends. She doesn’t have lot of friends here since she’s from overseas. It’s really rare that she have one except you and Eric oppa”

“Do you perhaps know his name?” Irene ask

“His name is Jackson”



“Is it Jackson Wang?”

Ayden shrugged his shoulder “I don’t know”

Seulgi searching for something in her phone then show it to Ayden “Is it this guy?” she showed Jackson picture to him

“Yes, that’s him”

“He is one of male idols. Aigooo, she was never going out with male idol before this. I can’t believe this” Irene rubbing her temple

“Maybe she wants to open her heart for men. I also noticed that Jackson obviously looking at Seungwan when we’re at same event” Seulgi said absentmindedly

Irene eyes widen when she saw Ayden reaction change after hear what Seulgi just said “Yah, don’t say such thing here” she pinch Seulgi arm

Noticing she being outspoken at wrong timing, the bear quickly apologize “Oppa, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to say that”

“It’s okay, I’m fine with that…well, at least try to be fine. If seeing make him can make her happy, I will be happy too” Ayden sound really dejected

“Ayden, don’t give up” Irene pats Ayden shoulder

“Thanks” Ayden smile shortly “I go home now. Goodnight both of you”


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