Part 11

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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Dubbing project for the animation movie is going well as expected. The girls do their job diligently as usual. It makes Jessica very happy with their result. They work very hard to produce the best voice and always training hard while waiting for their turn to record their voice.

Typical day at Sam recording studio, Jessica is in the studio with her staff who involve in the recording session. Inside another room, Wendy is recording her part while the rest of them members sit on the couch waiting for their turn. They reading their script and practicing their part.

Everyone eyes turn to the door when it open from outside. Ayden step inside follow by his secretary. He smile to the girls to greet them and they smile back to him.

“Hi Jess” Ayden tapped Jessica shoulder

“Oh hey, I thought you’re not around today” Jessica said in friendly manner

“I not really busy today so I pay a visit. I haven’t have time to come since they start so I want to check how it goes so far”

Jessica smile proudly “So far the girls are doing well. Very well than we’re expect. They finished recording for the first half of the story 2 days ago and currently we start with the second half”

“Good job, I’m truly impressed” Ayden said proudly while his eyes are on Wendy who focus on the script “Can I listen a bit?”

“Sure” Jessica hand a headphone to him and he put it on while Jessica also put another one on herself

Ayden listen to Wendy voice and his eyes glue to her. He stare at her proudly and admiring her passion on her work. That girl really doing nothing but give her best on everything she do. She not only has beautiful face but heart as well that never fail to melt Ayden heart every moment they are together. All he want is to spend his life with Wendy but he still hesitant to take any action because he don’t want Wendy to drive away from his life just because he confess his actual feeling to her. If keep Wendy close to him just as his friend is make her comfortable, he rather do it that way and shower her with every love he can give instead of loving her but can’t have her by his side. He’s happy that everyone supported their relationship. Wendy’s members give green light to him and his family also happy to hear that he seeing someone even they don’t know who is that person while Eric still has hesitation after he know that Wendy not into dating but Ayden sure that Eric also like Wendy for him seeing how he always teasing both of them as couple. He knows Wendy is the best for him.

His train of thought after Jessica saying something signaling Wendy do the good job and he saw the Canadian girl take off her headphone then he also do the same. When their eyes meet, Wendy is smiling to him and quickly returned to the studio.

“Great work” Jessica showing thumbs up to Wendy

“Thanks unnie” Wendy giggle then she walk to Ayden

“Good job babe” Ayden whisper loud enough for only Wendy to hear

“Thanks babe” Wendy beamed happily “This is your first time visit us, right?”

“Yup and I totally impress. Jessi also keep praising you all”

“Unnie guide us a lot in doing this so we thanks her for that”

“Yeah, do you want to go out for dinner tonight?”

“Sure, why not. It’s been a while since we go out”

“Okay, I will pick you up on 7”

“Alright, don’t be late”


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