Part 1

When I'm with you | Wendy x OC
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Author note: One more time I would like to remind my reader. The male character here is not a kpop idol. He is original character. Thx!


Wendy accompanies Seulgi to art exhibition that was held at art gallery in Incheon. She excited to come because she missed that event last year due to her busy schedule. Both of them roaming around the gallery while appreciate the beauty of art that was made by popular artist all around the world.

“Wow Seulgi, it’s really beautiful” Wendy hit Seulgi arm lightly while admiring the portrait that was hang at the wall

“This totally my favorite” Seulgi said

“I’m happy that we able to come here this year”

“I will totally upset if I miss this again”

“Me too” both of them chuckle

“Let’s go to other side” Seulgi tugged Wendy arm

“You go first; I still want to walk around”

“Okay then”

“But don’t go too far, I don’t want Joohyun unnie to scold me just because you’re lost”

Seulgi giggle “I will make sure you’re safe this time”


Seulgi walk to the other side while Wendy still walks around to see the other portrait by her favorite artist. While Wendy admiring the art, someone stand beside her

“Hi there” Wendy turn to her left and mentally shock seeing a good looking man stand beside her. He smiling while his hands shove inside his jeans pocket “Hello” that man said softly while snapping his finger in front of Wendy

“Oh hi, sorry I zoning out” Wendy blushing as she caught red-handed

“It fine, hehe” that guy giggle

“Anything I can help you?”

“I see you really into this portrait. Is this your favorite artist?”

“Yes, he is one of my favorites. I love most of his artworks” said Wendy

“He pour every emotions in his arts that’s why it make his work special than the others”

“I agree”

“By the way, may I know your name?”

“I am Wendy”

“You’re not Korean?”

“I am but half-Canadian”

“Oh I see, I thought you’re American or somewhere from Europe”

Wendy chuckle “Am I look like a foreigner?”

“A little bit plus your English is so good”

“I stay at Canada for years so that’s it”

“I’m glad that you can speak well in English. My Korean is not that good”

“Since you know my name, you should tell yours too”

“My name is Ayden. Originally from Quebec City, Canada” the guy named Ayden hold out his hand for handshake and Wendy accept it

“You’re Canadian too?” Wendy excitedly ask

Ayden shrugged his shoulder “Yes, I am”

“Nice to meet you”

“Nice to meet you too” both smile sweetly to each other “Friend?”

“Yeah, friends” Wendy smiles goofily. Her heart suddenly beating crazily after seeing

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