JiYoo's Second Meet Up

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Minji have been working on papers relating to holding auditions in finding the next big thing. Her company planned to facilitate the audtions for two days only and the group or individual who will be chosen, will undergo screening and the company will finally choose the deserving applicant. Minji have been so apprehensive on the upcoming event. She would really hope that the company will choose the one that will revive the business and possibly will get her father's attention. 

She heard her phone rings and picked it up. "Hello?" Minji answered in wearisome voice, waiting for response as she fiddled her fingers. "I have a lot of things to finish, do not waste my time." She added uninterested and hang up on the phone. She wondered why a sighing woman on the other line of the phone would call at such busy time. She carried on what she is doing as she heard footsteps coming to her office and a person with a happy demeanor came in. 

"Hi sis, how you doing?" Taehyung puts one of his hand on his pocket while glancing at her too focused sister not looking on his way. He move a little closer and seated on the available chair and trifle his fingers on the shiny and clean table of his sister. He looked around her office and he seemed to be fascinated by how organized the place is. 

"I'm busy" Minji said not looking at his brother. "Can you get out? If you do not have something to say" Minji added monotonously. Taehyung furrowed his eyebrows and stated: "How are you ?" He concernly said pushing his back towards his too serious sister. He knows that his little sister is affected by the statement of their father and he wanted to make sure if she is well and emotionally stable. 

"I'm fine" Minji replied looking at his brother in a deadpan expression. Her brother exasperated a sigh and tap her table lightly before standing up, still his hand on his pocket. 

"If you need anything, sis. I'll be here. I missed you." He glanced at Minji for the last time before exiting the vicinity. Minji paused for a while and dazed on an empty space in front of her, thinking of what her brother said to her. 

She brushed it off and continued what she is doing. She call one of her staff on her phone. "Are the flyers available for distribution?" She asked. "Yes, maam. Waiting for your go signal to distribute" The staff replied on the other line. 

Minji can only hope that she will pull this through and would make her father proud. She look at her window and whispered to herself. 

"Mom, I wish you were here" Minji holding a necklace around her neck.



"Yoohyeon! Hot choco latte' on table 13!" Siyeon yelled at her while Yoohyeon calmy prepared it while smiling widely. Siyeon wearing the hoodie that she once lent to the silver haired girl. Yoohyeon ring the bell to indicate that the order is ready, Bora is the designated waitress, she bring the order to the customer who ordered it and went back to Yoohyeon. 

"Yooh, you seemed extremely happy today. What's so special about this day?" Bora asked her, nodding. Siyeon come over and wanted to hear what Yoohyeon smiled like that today. The silver haired girl looked at her friends, cheerfully. 

"Nah, I just remembered about the busking that we did few days ago. I still could not believe that I played again" Yoohyeon looking at the hoodie Siyeon wear. Nora narrowed her eyes and blocked the silver haired girl's way from Siyeon with her whole tiny body. 

"What are you implying? Don't tell me that you and Siyeon made out?" Siyeon is so surprised that she flicked Bora's forehead so hard. Yoohyeon laugh at the statement of the small girl and tap her shoulders, shaking her head. 

"No, Bora. I wouldn't do that. You know I do not have yet have an experience to those nasty things. I'm genuinely just happy" Yoohyeon give her bestfriend a reassuring smile. Siyeon interrupted. "And why would you think me and this dork right here would do such a thing?" She asked Bora, furrowing her eyebrows, Bora giving her a nervous laugh. 

"Ya know, Yoohyeon is quite have a crush on you. I do not know how her brain works, and I would think that she will make the first move, you know" Bora nervously replied which makes Yoohyeon shook her head and blushed a little.

"Oh you have a little crush on me? Silly!" Siyeon pat Yoohyeon's head and winked at Bora leaving the two clueless. 

"Why would you say that. Now she will think I am weird" Yoohyeon whispered to her bestfriend pulling her. Bora lets out a tiny chuckle. "Ahmm, you are already weird, Yoohyeon. Now we have to go back to work" 

Yoohyeon's shift have come to an end when she cleans the table of the coffee shop as she was called out by one of the cashier of the shop, Hani.

"Yow, Yoohyeonie. Can you cover for me for just a minute? I have to go to the comfort room" Hani pleaded and Yoohyeon reluctantly agreed. She put the rag in the kitchen first and organize some things on the cashier register. She see Siyeon went outside brea

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