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Joohyun was sitting at the porch enjoying the beautiful beach view.

She takes a deep breath, inhaling the fresh sea breeze.

The sound of the waves seem to calm her down.

She feel refreshed.

This is the vacation she never knew she needed.

She can't remember the last time she went to beach.

Was it the last summer vacation she had before she graduated high school?

Then a flashed of memories invaded her mind.

Then it clicked to her.

The last time she went to beach was when her brother got married.

The vivid image of her brother wearing a tuxedo, standing at the altar, smiling widely while he waited for his bride to be.

It was a beautiful ceremony, the sun was setting when they exchanged vows and when the priest announced them as husband and wife.

The blissful look on her brother's face made her smile.

She was happy that her brother had finally found his happiness.

She remembered how he always asked Joohyun with what he always called a woman thing.

Her brother always find a way to barge in her room to disturbed her.

And the question being thrown were like,

What do girl prefer a movie date or a romantic dinner date?

Do you think I should give her a flower or chocolate? What should I give her on valentines day?

Do you think she like this color or this one?

While holding two polo shirt that from Joohyun's perspective aren't have much of a difference to be honest.

And the inquiries goes on and on.

She always end up throwing a random answer without giving much of a thought just so her brother could leave her alone and if it didn't work she have to forced him out of her room so she can have her peace back.

She chuckled at the memory.

Her brother who people think was arrogant and hard headed was having a mental breakdown when he went on his first date.

Oh boy, it was a sight to see.

And Joohyun was delighted to witnessed it in her very own eyes so she could just brother.

She closes her eyes as she takes a deep breath.

It hurts.

It still hurts.

Even if how many years has passed her heart still ached whenever she thinks about him.

Even the happy memories always managed to full a tug in her heart.

She misses him so much.


Everytime she happened to cook his favorite dish.

Everytime his birthday comes every year.

Everytime she looks at his daughter who took a resemblance of him.

But she have to stay strong for the sake of the little girl.

She swallow the lumps in as she slowly opens her eyes, her gaze falls on Yerim who was having fun making sand castle with Seungwan.

She smile when she sees Yerim laughing, throwing her head back at what the older woman had said to her.

They really do get along well, probably because Seungwan spoils the little girl much to Joohyun's disagreement.

If anyone could see the duo, they were most probably think they were mother and daughter as how the two bonded.

A cold bottle of soda was place in front of her pulling her out of her trance.

She look up to see Seulgi taking a sip on her own bottle.

"Hope you don't mind me joining you."Seulgi says and grins at her.

A shake of her head,  "Thanks for this."she opens the bottle and took a sip.

Seulgi leans on the railings, her back facing Joohyun, she stretches her long arms and tilted her head upward as she breath in, "Ah~ fresh air."

She turned to Joohyun with a satisfied smile on her face.

"Where is Joy?" Joohyun asked, looking at her friend taking the seat across her.

"Knock out cold."

"And why you're not?"

The couple just got back after enjoying water sports that the resort offered. Joohyun didn't know if the couple had the chance to try them all but Joy said earlier they went scuba diving and tried jetski among other things.

How good it is to have your partner sharing the same interest as you.

She wonders if she'll ever get the chance to experience something like that.

She's not talking about the water thing experience because god knows that never crossed her mind.

Just you know, a person that can enjoy simple things with her as a company.

Like maybe read a book as they sits on their favorite cafè with a cup of their favorite drinks or watch a romantic cringe worthy movie while cuddling on the couch.

Ever since she got Yerim to take care of, getting into a relatonship have long slipped away from Joohyun's mind.

Sure, she have some suitors here and there but she didn't really tried to entertain anyone.

All she knows was that she has a kid to provide everything that she needed.

But deep down inside and at the very back of her mind, she longs to finds someone.

Someone who she can share her burden.

Someone who'll comfort her when the situation gets tough.

Someone who can accepts her and her baggages.

Someone who'll love her daughter just as much.

But who was she's kidding.

No one would like to be an instant parent. Right?

And if let say there is.

Is she ready to give it a try?

Is her heart ready to love again?

She flinched as Seulgi's voice pulled her from her reverie.

"I'm fine, unnie."

A comfortable silence fell upon them as Joohyun goes back to watching Yerim and Seungwan.

This time, Seungwan standing up her arms stretches out on each side seems like she's guarding the sand castle they'd built while Yerim tries to get pass from her, who knows what the little girl is planning when she get pass the older woman.

Seulgi follows her line of sight then laughed at her friend trying to blocked the little girl.

"What are they doing?"

"I don't really know. But I do know my daughter has something plan inside that little head of hers."

They silently watched them and laughed a few minutes later when the smart little girl found a way by crouching to get passed in between Seungwan legs, but as Yerim approached the sand castle she was torn between trying to ruin it or to run for her life when the older woman slowly makes her way towards her. In the end, she chooses the latter to escape and evade Seungwan.

But the older woman is quicker as she catches the little girl i

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