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"And they live happily ever after."

Seungwan finishes, they were now lying in bed as she tells Yerim her requested bedtime story.

"That's it? What happened to the other prince?"

The little girl look up at her with her big round eyes.

She smile and the girl's hair,"They punished him."


"Yes, he was chased away from the castle. That was his punishment."

Joohyun walks in with a bottle of milk in her hand.

"Here's your milk, sweetie."she handed the bottle to her daughter as she take a seat beside her.

Seungwan take that as a cue to leave the two. Besides she needed to wash up and rest after driving for hours.

She stood up after ruffling the girl's hair,"Goodnight, Yerim-ah."

"Goodnight, Wannie."the girl replied then she snuggle closer to her mother.

Seungwan nods towards Joohyun before she disappeared inside the bathroom.


Joohyun woke up by the blinding sun rays that seeps through the curtain.

She rolled on the other side of the bed, expecting the cute face of her sleeping daughter.

But was met with a empty bed instead.

She sat up, rubs the sleepiness away and stretches her limbs.

Looking around the room, noticing the neatly folded matress and a pillow on the chair from the corner of the room.

Last night she woke in urged to use the bathroom when she saw the empty side of the bed where Seungwan supposedly asleep.

So after doing her business she decided to look for the woman.

She checked the living room but no one occupies the couch.

She returned to their room wondering where did Seungwan slept.

She was about to climb back on the bed after closing the door when a pillow on the floor caught her attention.

She walked to the other side of the bed and was met by a sight of a peacefully sleeping Seungwan.

The woman had decided to sleep on the floor instead of the bed.

Joohyun can only shake her head picking up the discarded pillow and carefully placed it on Seungwan side then fixed the blanket for her.

She thought she made it clear to Seungwan that she was okay in sharing the bed with them.

Guess not.

She felt bad thinking she made the woman uncomfortable.

She stood up and walk straight to the bathroom to wash her face.


"Good morning, mommy."

Yerim greeted her mother as soon as she saw her exited the room.

Joohyun approached the girl sitting on the couch, smiling she scooped her in her arms. She gives her daughter a big smooch on her cheek making the girl giggle.

"Good morning. Why didn't you wake me up?"

She leans her forehead with the little girl's nudging Yerim's nose with her own.

"Wannie said I should let you sleep because you look tired."

Yerim grasp her face with her tiny little hands, looking straight into her mother eyes.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"she ask and can't help but smile at how adorable looking the girl right now.

When she didn't get any reply from her, Joohyun attacked her with kisses all over the girl's face.

Yerim screams and laughed while being peppered with kisses.

The scream alarmed the woman in the kitchen who was busy making breakfast. Seungwan runs to the living room, worried that something had happened to Yerim.

She relaxed and chuckled to herself once she witnessed the display of affection happening in the living room.

Yerim struggled to evade her mother kisses by moving her head from side to side.

Then she spotted Seungwan standing at the kitchen doorway, looking at them. She quickly call her for help.

"Wannie! Help me!"she yelp, reaching out for the woman.

Seungwan laughed seeing the breathless girl as her mother continues her kisses attack.

Joohyun stops and let the panting girl to catch her breath.

Yerim cupped her mother's face, as she slowly regained her breath, afraid that she'll get attacked again.


Joohyun turns to where her daughter was looking and was greeted by the smiling Seungwan.

"Good morning, unnie."

"Good morning."

She put Yerim down which the little girl quickly runs towards Seungwan taking refuge behind the woman.

"I made breakfast, unnie."she takes Yerim hand, pulling her in the kitchen,"Let's eat breakfast."

Joohyun follows behind.

Seungwan sat Yerim on her make up high chair.

They tried to improvised and put a throw pillow on one of the chair so that the little girl can reach the table since the cabin don't have available high chair at the moment.

Joohyun help Seungwan by setting up the table while the latter scooped the rice.

"I'll wake up the lovebirds,"Seungwan says and goes to the room that her two friend occupies.

"Are you guys decent?"she asked, loud enough that even Joohyun who was refilling Yerim's sippy cup with water hear it and made her chuckled.

Seungwan returns a minute later, taking the seat across them.

"The lovebirds will be here in a few, I think."

Joohyun raises her brows, "You think?"

She nods,"Yeah, they're not answering. Their door is unlock but I don't want to barge in,"she paused to pick up her untensils.

"And I don't think I want to know whatever they're doing inside."she continued then made a face before shoving a spoonful of rice in .

Joohyun merely chuckled at her expression.


After breakfast, they decided to take a stroll on the beach.

Yerim was so hyper that she can't stay still and kept on jumping in place. Her mother had to carry her before she even decide to run off.

The couple are walking ahead of them, stopping for a minute when Joy spots a instagramable scenery and Seulgi would gladly take a photo of her.

Seungwan was walking beside them, carrying a bag that Joohyun have no idea what inside it because it ki

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