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"So, have you decided unnie?"

Seulgi asked as she takes the seat beside her girlfriend on the couch.

Joy had been invited to a newly open resort-not too far away from the city-- that one of her workmate owned.

The couple decided to invite the mother and daughter duo to tag along.

They could have gone,just the two of them, but they believe the more the merrier.

And besides they just got back two weeks ago from their short trip to Bali.

They're still sated, so to say.

"Yes. And I'm really sorry but I don't think it'll be okay for us to tag along. I mean I don't want to cause any trouble on your trip."Joohyun looked at the couple apologetically.

"That's nonsense, unnie. We wanted you to join us. We wouldn't have invited you otherwise," Joy stared at her.

"And It'll be just a short trip, give yourself a break too unnie. Let's relax for a bit, away from the city."she further explained to convince the older woman.

"Just say yes unnie, you wouldn't have to worry about anything. Everything have been settled. And I'm certain squirtle would love the beach."


Three heads turned towards the direction.

Yerim was standing in the bedroom doorway, hugging the Olaf plushie that Seungwan gave her.

"Come here."her mother beckoned her to come closer.

"You're going to the beach?"

She asked as she approached the couch where the adults seated.

Her aunt Seulgi nods her head,"Yes. And we're going to make sand castle."

Shs turned to look at her mother with her hopeful eyes,"Are we going too mommy?"

Joohyun fixed the bed hair "Well, your aunt Joy and aunt Seulgi invited us-"

Yerim ears perked interrupting her mother,"Can we go please? I promise to be on my best behavior, mommy. I promise to listen and eat my veggies."she pleaded.

The couple who were quietly listening to them stiffled their laughed.

They know Joohyun couldn't resists the cute pleas.


The girl climb on her lap, throwing her arms on her mother's neck.

"Please mommy? Pretty please."she begged, jutting her lips complete with her puppy sad eyes.

Her last straw to convinced her mother.

She knows that sometimes it seldom work but her little mind told her to at least give it a try.

The mother sighed in defeat, letting out a small smile while nodding her head, "Fine. But remember what you had promise, okay?"

"Yes! I love you mommy!"she kisses her mother before sliding down her lap and leapt to where the couple were sitting.

"Kyaahhhh! Squirtle! We're going to the beach!"Seulgi squealed, scooping the little in her arms then spins her around.

Yerim laughed and excitedly ask, "We will make sand castle?"

Seulgi nods"Yes! Definitely. Huge one."

Joohyun and Joy sat quietly with a smile etched on their face looking at the excited duo.



"Mommy?"Yerim look up at her mother, who was her hair.

Joohyun was lying beside Yerim, trying to put her to sleep but the little girl seems to be excited to sleep yet, even after she had finished her milk.


"Is Wannie going with us to the beach?"

"Err..I think so."she replied unsure. She forgot to ask the couple earlier but she assumed they'd probably invited her neighbor too.

"Can I bring Olaf to the beach with me?"she hugs the plushie tightly.

"Well, you can bring Olaf but Olaf would have to stay away from the water. You wouldn't want it to get wet, right?"

The girl nodded, "Then I'll just leave Olaf here with Gomdori and Squirtle."Yerim sits up, placing her Olaf in between the brown and the green plushie.

"That might be a good idea."

She crawled back towards her mother.

Joohyun kisses her head as the little girl gets comfortable by lying on top of her.

"Can I play with Wannie at the beach, mommy?"she asked, deeply snuggling to her mother.

Joohyun slightly pats her daughter's back."Of course."

"I will ask Wannie to make a huge sand castle with me."

"You really like Wannie huh?"

She felt her nodding."Yes. And Wannie likes Yerimie."

Joohyun chuckled."I know."

"And mommy too."Yerim murmured,barely heard by her mother, as she was slowly getting sleepy.

"Hmmn? What?"she nudged her.

The little girl yawns before saying, "Wannie likes Mommy."clearly this time before closing her eyes, the soothing rub on her back lulling her to sleep.

Her eyes widen, "W-what?"

But her daughter had already fallen asleep to answer.

Few minutes later with a little bit of struggle to carefully transfer Yerim to her bed without waking her up, she stood up after securely tucking the girl.
She stared at the peaceful sleeping face.

What are you insinuating Yerim-ah.

First that drawing and now..

She shook her head, getting rid of whatever thought that trying to get in her head. She exited the girl's room.




"Need help, unnie?"

Shd took a quick glance over her shoulder to find Seulgi standing behind her.

She shook her head.

"Nope, I'm fine."she replied reaching for the medium size duffel bag that contains hers and Yerim's things that she brought for their trip, from the trunk.

Seulgi move to stand beside her.

"That's all you'd brought with you?"

She nods,"Yes."

She watched Seulgi pulled two large luggage towards her from the trunk, grunting.

"Looks like you're the one who needed help."Joohyun grinned.

"I'll be fine, unnie. I'm used to this."

"Are you two planning on staying here for a month?"she eyed the luggage when her friend set them on the pavement.

Seulgi laughed.

"I guess, this just how it is when you're dating a model, unnie."

Joohyun chuckled. "At least for now let me give you a hand."

"Thanks, unnie."Seulgi just closes the trunk, when they heard Seungwan shouting from the distance.

"Yah Park Sooyoung! Stop running around!"

They quickly turned her head to the woman's direction.

Seungwan, with both hands on her hips, stomped her feet following the overly excited Joy with equally excited Yerim

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