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Joohyun walked towards the doorway, stopping to put her shoes on then call out the attention of the two individual sitting and watching comfortably in the living room.

It was saturday morning but unfortunately her boss had called her an hour ago apologized for disturbing her weekend then told her he needed her in the office today ASAP.

She was hesitant but she had no choice but to asked her neighbor a favor.

"I'll be going."she annouces loud enough for them to hear her.

No respond.


Seungwan chuckled then nudged the little girl.

"Say bye bye to your mommy."

"Bye mommy!"Yerim shouted from the couch.

"Won't you give mommy a goodbye kiss?"

The blonde woman pauses the movie they were watching,urges the little girl to stand up and say goodbye properly to her mother.

Yerim make a dash towards the doorway, Seungwan following behind her.

Joohyun crouched down when her daughter raises both her hands to reach for her face.

"Bye mommy!"Yerim kisses her mother lips then quickly runs back to the living room.

"Yerim listen to your aunt Seungwan, okay? And be on you best behaviour."she manage to say before her daughter disappears to the living room.

The adults laughed.

Joohyun stares at the blonde woman. "Thank you for doing this Seungwan."she smiles sincerely at her.

Seungwan chuckles. "No problem. I'd rather spend my free time to babysit that cute little girl than do nothing inside my aparment."

Joohyun laughs.

"You should go or you'll be late."

"Yeah. Thanks again. I'll be back as soon as I'm finish."she turns to open the door.

"It's alright. Just take you time."

"See you later then."

She nod. "Bye."

Joohyun waved back. "Bye." before she closes the door.




"Wannie?"Yerim calls out.

They were in the living room and watching Frozen playing on the tv.

Seungwan sat beside the girl, a bowl of popcorn in between them.

"Yes?"she glances at the girl who was looking up at her with a grin on her cute face.

"Do you like my mommy?"

The older woman eyes widens totally not expecting the question coming from the girl.


"I heard aunt Joy says Wannie likes mommy."

'Damnit Park Sooyoung!'

She let out a nervous laugh, shifting her gaze from Yerim.

Who would have known a four year old could be intimidating?

She thought for a while and decided to just be honest with the girl. What worse could happen right?

Yerim telling her mother about it?

But if that happen would Joohyun believe it?

So she nod her head. "Yes. I like your mommy."she shyly admitted, her face turning red hopefully the girl wouldn't notice the sudden change in her face.

The grin on Yerim's face grew wider seemingly satisfied with the answer then goes back to focus on the screen.

Seungwan stares at the little girl lost in her thoughts.

'Should I ask her? But what would a four year old know? I mean..Joohyun surely wouldn't talk to her daughter if she like someone right? Argh! Seungwan! You're crazy!'

In the end she let her curiosity wins because why not?

The kid wouldn't probably have no idea how adult deals with liking someone, anyway.


The little girl was too engrosed in the movie though Seungwan can't understand why because she'd lost count on how many times Yerim had watch this movie.

"Yerim-ah"this time she nudged the little girl to catch her attention.

The girl turn head towards her, frowning.

She chuckled straigthening the crease brows.

"Wannie want to ask you something."

The girl just stares at her.

She fed her some popcorn.

"Does your mommy like Wannie too?"

"Yes!"Yerim replied quickly before turning back on the movie and excitedly sings along.

Seungwan laughed when the girl climb down the couch and started imitating Elsa.

The answer she got wasn't quite convincing but it's her fault for asking the innocent little girl.

Half an hour later her phone started ringing.

She grab it from the coffee table, look at the caller id before swiping the green button.

'Where are you? I bought some foods. I'm inside your apartment right now.'

'I'm next door.'

'Oh. Okay. I'll be there.'

She stood up to open the door for her friend.

Joy soon appears with a paper bag in her hand. She walked pass Seungwan as she entered inside the apartment.

Seungwan followed her friend after closing the door.


Joy shouted getting the attention of the girl who was totally immersed in the TV.

Yerim snapped her head to look at the woman.

"Aunt Joy!"she squealed running to her then jumping in place as Joy patted her head.

"I bought foods!"she announced, showing the bag to the girl.

The little girl pulled the woman hand guiding her to sit on the couch.

Joy followed the pull, placing the paper bag in the coffee table.

Seungwan chuckled when she saw Yerim animatedly talking with the other woman.

Joy glaces at the screen"What are you watching?"

"Frozen!"Yerim replied enthusiastically.

The older woman let out a groaned.

"Again?"she asked, eyeing her friend who was taking a seat beside the girl.

Seungwan heard the complaint then turn to look at her friend direction. "Don't ask me. She loves the movie. I don't have the heart to say no."

"Whipped."the other woman mumbled but Seungwan still heard it.

She chuckled as she reached forward for the paper bag, letting out its content.

"Meat!"Yerim squealed upon seeing the particular food being placed in the coffee table.

She climb down the couch, gaze fixated at that one container.

The adult laughed.

"By the way, where is Joohyun unnie? And why are you babysitting today?"Joy asked, finally noticing the absence of the little girl's mother.

"At work."Seungwan replied, neatly folding the used paper bag.

The other woman raised her brow."She's working during weekend too?"

She shook her head."Urgent matter. Her boss called and needed her in the office."

Yerim turned back then approached Seungwan.

"Wannie, I want meat!"she leapt towards the older woman.

Seungwan smiles, patting her head.

"Alright. Yerimie will have meat!"

"Yay!"the little girl happily claps her hand.

Soon the three of them wer

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