The Fall


After witnessing the death of her best friend Seulgi at a young age, Bae Joohyun's psychic abilities were unlocked and she became a link between the material and the immaterial world - able to see, hear and feel spirits in various planes of existence just as much as she saw people. With that gift came the help of Joy, her mentor, whose duty was to teach her how to control those abilties, almost always in her preferred form of a giant cat.

As she matured her powers, by the age of sixteen, Joy reveals that Joohyun's mission is to save the life of a tormented girl: Son Seungwan, a girl her age who's being pushed towards the path of death by the enraged spirit of a teenage girl who lost her life in a tragic accident.


Wenrene. Supernatural, drama, romance.

Huge thanks to my friend Cath for making this beautiful edit for my story's cover! Hope you all enjoy. <3

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