Sincerely, yours

The bell rings which means school is out of the day so Jimin goes to his locker and finds a mysterious note on the door of his lockers. "Hmm what's this". "I'll read it when I get home". Jimin loads up his backpack and walks home. On the way home his bestfriend Taehyung calls him. "Yo man you home yet". "Not not yet but guess what Tae". "What". "Someone left me a note on my locker". "Oh what's it say". "I dont know let me read it". "It says Hey Jimin you probally but dont know me because I'm in a different grade. I look at you all the time In school your really cool. I wish I had as many friends as you. Well I wrote this on short notice so that you would see it in your locker gotta go to class bye , Sincerely your secret admirer". "Oh Lalala someone has a secret admirer". "Oh shut up its probally someone just messing with me". "Yeah your right its probally Namjoon". "Well I'll text him, oh I gotta get off I'm home and I'm not suppose to be on my phone until homework is done". "Ok bye". Jimin hangs up the phone and texts Namjoon.

Hey I see what you were trying to do.                   Do what Jimin

You wrote me a letter signed your secret admirer.             Uh no I didn't 

Wait wha.                      That wasnt me man I wasnt at school today

Then who the hell was it.           Maybe you actually have a secret admirer 




End of text


Jimin is now done with his homework and calls Tae back. "Yo so was it Namjoon after all". "Actually no It wasn't". " Then who was it". " I don't know but intend to find out". "Who are you going to ask first". "I dont know". "How about we ask Jungkook". "No hes a stupid freshman". "Then who do we ask well let's make a list and then go down the list and ask those people we know". "Ok".

People we know

Kim seokjin 

Min yoongi 

Jung hosek




And jisoo

"Ok well the only people we can cross off are Namjoon and Jin cause they are dating". "Ok well then who should we ask first". "Well I think we should start from the top and go there". "Ok well at the top of the list is yoongi hyung". "Ok but can we do that tommorow I kinda tired and just wanna chill and play video games". "Fine by me". So jimin and Tae pass time by playing video games until they fall asleep

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