Small Universes Around Us

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Everyone always dreams of finding a soulmate.

Someone that was meant for you.

Someone who fit you like a puzzle. 

Someone who, in any lifetime, any universe, any iteration, would always find you.

To share a love so beautiful and so strong that it transcends the confines of time. 

Except when it all goes wrong.

And all you have to go by are the countless lives you've shared before.


Lee Taeyong


Nam Haeun





New story alert!

So i'm actually going through a rough patch where writing has been really draining and tiring so instead of pumping out updates as fast as possible, i'm going to start updating as I feel inspired. 

This is the first time I've had two on-going stories at once since like 2016. My other story is still ongoing so I will just update whichever one when the motivation arsises. 

Also, i'll explain this in other A/N's but this fic is a little different in structure, there will be some time jumping and au jumping but it will all be labled, feel free to ask questions if it seems confusing (unless it involves something that will explain later in which case I won't spoil it) 

I have always wanted to write a fic like this but was inspired to actually plan it after watching Extraordinary You but please don't read this fic if you're looking for something like that drama bc this won't be similar or as good lmaooo

Hope you enjoy it, I've wanted to write a Taeyong centered fic for a while and OBNM was almost going to be a TY fic but I'm glad I saved him for this. 

you can find me on twitter: @realloviet, if you don't use AFF as frequently this is the easiest way to see when I post updates 

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