Under the Light of a Thousand Stars

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A collection of spartace ficlets under a thousand words without any concrete plot.


Cheesy title, I know. (Credits and special thanks to Ed Sheeran).


I randomly thought of this title cause I am challenging myself to write a 1000-max fanfiction for the ideas I’ve parked for a long time cause I have no clue on how their plots would turn out to be. Hence, I created a platform as a venue to compile them all here.


Please do note that some stories might be related to my other two series: Pushing Forward and Home. Should that be the case, I’ll inform you in the Author’s Note.


Happy Reading :)

Thank you all so much for the love and support you've given this collection. What's your fave fic out of all of them? Hit the comments section or click the upvote button if you've enjoyed this as much as I did! <3
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