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Yeon shows up to work on her first day already late, but more important she already made a bad impression on her boss, Sangyeon. What’s worst is that now he wants her to write a report from last year’s information and she’s not sure if she’s gonna be able to keep the job.


just like Errands, this story is new and then again not new. it takes place around the same time as Errands as i had wanted it to be a two main character sort of thing, but it just never got completed or well thought out. i had originally wrote this with another idol in mind and had changed it to Sangyeon as i wanted someone else and he seemed to quite fit it. also, didn’t want this thing to be forgotten and not share. so i may or may not continued this into further like Errands and will just let it be for now. other than that, happy reading and kthxbai ~

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