The Kwon Siblings

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What is it like to have 3 famous idols/good-looking brothers? Jisoo can tell you about that.

Idols family members are dug up by fans. It seems that their family members became famous as well and be part of the public interests.

Well, there is something that the KPOP world doesn't know about Jisoo.

In the midst of fans'  good skills in researching--Jisoo's brothers managed to hide the fact that they are siblings and---

....hide her in the public attentions.


The Kwon Siblings


In kpop world, every move of idols were seen and being talked about. Idols sure to have a lot of things that they share with the public and their fans, but in the midst of all the information that are available there had to be secrets that need to be secrets until the end…or so they thought?




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Updated Chapter 30 aka the end but I will be uploading extra chapters 😅 thank you for a great journey 💜


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Chapter 25: good story love all of it
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Best story ever
I miss this cute story.
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