Beautifully Fake [Slowly Rewriting]

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An arranged marriage between the crown prince and the heiress of a famous company. Everything was going smoothly--that was until a few days before the heiress was set to come back to Korea. She fell ill and was unable to make the trip back. Her father--not wanting to risk the king finding someone else for the prince--found a replacement for his daughter. 

Hong Iseul is beautiful, but she's fake.



!Modern Day Monarch!



 This was originally gonna be set in the Joseon Era, but I found that's difficult to write so instead it's a modern day monarch! Which means it's set in present time. 





Crown Prince Jaehyun: 

Age: 22


aesthetic, boyfriend, and boys image

Hong Iseul: 

Age: 21


Image by Positive Iris


Lee Taeyong: 
Age: 23

taeyong, lee taeyong, and nct image


Age: 21

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Age: 21

johnny, kpop, and taeyong image

+more 127 members but these are the main. 


This story is my own!  Please do not plagiarize!! None of these photos belong to me! 

Rewrite of the third chapter is up!
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