An Angelic Sin

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The Rules for being an angel where simple,

1.Be Pure.

2.Be Kind.

3.Be Inoccent.

4.Never under any cicumstances commit a Sin.

But, Choi Hyesun defied all those rules,every last one of them, yet she still remained an angel though she got her punishment. Foever banned in the human realm without being able to die. Cursed with the memories of her haunting past. As years go by she starts to loose her will to live and begins to self-harm. And that's when her saviors appear. No, they're not knights in shinning armour They're twelve goofy crazy boys who love and live life to the fullest. The 300 hundred year old Hyesun could learn a thing or two from these only-2-decade-year old boys,including a certain emotion that her bereaved heart had forgotten after all these long years.


                          A love triangle between

  An Angel , literally from heaven and her 12 heroes








*Some religious legends/stories will be changed to suit the story so please don't be offended by it but if you still are then I'm incredibly sorry!

*There will be some mature content both good and bad along with some things that might trigger any past traumas.

*The ages of Exo will be different compared to real life.


Also credits to

LEVEL UP GRAPHIC SHOP for the Beautiful poster as well as the background !

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