The phases of Kim Hyunjin


Heejin's plans for her birthday would have never included going to a bar. But when her friend Jiwoo insists they go see her roomates' band perform, the last thing she expected was to come back home with the guitarist's number written on her forearm and the biggest crush she had never asked for.


Heejin stared at her, conscious that her own mouth hanged open. It was a fact that all those girls were above the average pretty, but she couldn’t remember the last time she was left so struck with a girl. 

Long, jet black hair ran down her to her chest, and when she pushed it back to adjust the strap of her guitar on her shoulder, Heejin bit on her cheek. Even from afar, Heejin could see the sharp eyeliner and the dark red lipstick that decorated her already beautiful face, and... was that a ring on her lip?  

Heejin couldn’t explain the aura around that girl, but when she noticed tattoos on her knuckles as she tuned her guitar, she could say that was probably the coolest girl she had ever seen. She looked like she just came from a movie, dressed with a leather jacket and ripped jeans. 


This all started when I randomly sent the legendaric Hyunjin Innisfree CF to some friends and was like, 'guys, Hyunjin would look so good as a cool, badass guitarist with tattoos and piercings'.......... and that was all I needed to come up with this lmao

Hope you all enjoy this story and I'm sure you're gonna relate a lot to Heejin... kekeke

I mean, who wouldn't gay panic with Hyunjin, right?

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