Fairy Tale

The phases of Kim Hyunjin

“Selene loved her, maybe too much, and it scared her. The feelings she had never felt before scared her, the relationship that was supposed to be forbidden scared her. But she was still willing to risk it.” 

Heejin couldn’t contain the silly grin that stretched on her lips. The memories from the day before were vivid in her mind, and the image of Hyunjin's butterfly tattoo was too beautiful not to draw instead of paying attention to class. 

Then, the way they arrived at school earlier, hand in hand, and the way Hyunjin kissed her cheek, so close to her lips, as they parted ways to their classrooms. Heejin didn’t even mind the eyes on them, much for the opposite. She felt proud, like she almost wanted to shout to the whole school how she was Hyunjin’s girlfriend- 

“You look really stupid,” Chaewon whispered near her ear. 

“Stupid in love.”  

Chaewon snorted, pretending to be writing on her book the second the professor turned back at the sound. Heejin didn’t even mind the teasing, she was too happy to bother. 

The bell rang at last, and Heejin never stood up so fast. 

“Wow, why the hurry? Hyunjin can wait a second, it won’t hurt her.” 

“But I don’t want to wait that second, so let’s go!” Heejin pulled her up, dragging her to the corridor. 

Heejin beamed as she saw the group approaching, and when Hyunjin smiled back at her and opened her arms, she almost ran to her embrace. 

“Hi,” Hyunjin mumbled, squeezing her body against hers. 

“Hi.” Heejin left a quick kiss behind her ear, right on her inverted triangle tattoo. 

“What... what’s going on?” Ryujin asked, and Heejin pulled away to face her. “That’s not flirting, that’s-” 

“Dating, we all get it. Now let’s eat, I’m starving.” Hyejoo ignored them, walking ahead. 

“You jelly? You could have the sa-” 

“Shut the hell up, Yerim.” Hyejoo circled an arm around her shoulders, pretending to choke her while they walked together, and Chaewon had become more like stone. 

“D-Dating?! Really?” Ryujin let her chin drop. 

Heejin shared a look with Hyunjin, both girls’ cheeks changing color. “Yes.” 

Ryujin jumped to them, hugging them both close. “Finally! I think you have someone to thank for.” 

“You’re right, we should thank Jiwoo for making me go on stage that night.” 

Ryujin frowned at them. “Hey, I was the reason you got her number and talked to her in the first place!” 

The couple laughed. “I know, I was just messing with you. Thank you, Ryujin, for real.” 

Ryujin wiped a fake tear. “I’m such a good friend, I know. Say it with me, Ryujin best girl!” 

“Ryujin best girl!” Hyunjin and Heejin repeated, laughing along. 

“Oh man, how I wished Jungeun would like me back...” Ryujin sighed. “I mean, I’m really happy for you guys, for real!” 

“You’re still not over Jungeun?” Hyunjin asked. 

“How could I? She’s so...” Ryujin stared into the void, then shook her head. “Nevermind, let’s have lunch. Damn those two, they didn’t even wait for us or celebrated! Let’s go, Chaewon.”  

Heejin and Hyunjin followed a couple steps behind. “Should we tell Ryujin that Jungeun and Haseul are... dating as well?” Hyunjin asked. 

“I’m sure she doesn’t really like Jungeun, it’s just a silly crush. She’ll find out eventually.” 

Hyunjin nodded, then shivered. 

“What is it?” 

“I caught them making out on the couch the other day. If finding Sooyoung with Jiwoo wasn’t enough... They literally share rooms, for ’s sake!” 

Heejin didn’t want to laugh, but she couldn't hold it. “Well, you can always take revenge on them now.” 

“R-Revenge? Yah, Jeon Heejin, what are you suggesting?” 

“Nothing, nothing.”  

She just loved to see Hyunjin flustered. 


There was less than a week left for the band competition. They normally practiced once or twice a week, due to the college students’ busy schedules, but that week, they would make an effort and practice every day at night. 

Hyunjin was practicing more than ever, and Heejin could see how important that was to her. Even before her band mates arrived, she was already practicing their originals, time and time again.  

Heejin sat, drawing, as usual, deciding the design for her other characters this time. Hyunjin stopped, and silence settled in, making Heejin raise her head to check if everything was okay. Hyunjin was already staring at her. 

“Are you alright?” 

“Yes. Hey, can you listen to this and tell me what you think?” 

“I’ve been listening, it sounds amazing, as always.” 

“I’m glad, but it’s something else. Can you?” 

“Of course.” Heejin closed her sketchbook and set it aside, giving all her attention to her girlfriend. 

Hyunjin adjusted some things on the amp that Heejin didn’t really understand, then she turned to her and took a deep breath. Without adding anything else, she started playing. Something Heejin had never listened before. A clean, simple and cute melody first for a few seconds, then Hyunjin sang. 

You, I dream of being with you 
Dreams of singing with you 
The small melody lingers in my ear 
I just wanna be with u 

When it becomes rain and falls from the sky 
Your scent fills up the world 

Then, the melody became faster, with more energy, as she breathed for a couple seconds before continuing. 

In the sky where I’m with you 
When the blue star brightly rises 
I wanna share stories of hidden sunlight all night 
And fall asleep, my fairy tale 

Slower again, and this time, Hyunjin raised her head and met Heejin’s gaze. 

Only u can make me feel this way baby 
Words I want to tell you, don’t ever let me go 

Hyunjin looked down at her guitar again, to finish it with a few more seconds of that melody that was making Heejin want to cry. Heejin knew Hyunjin asked for an opinion, but she was too struck to speak. 

“I-Is that another song for the competition?” Heejin forced herself to ask. 

Hyunjin chuckled. “No. This was just something I wrote for you.” 

“Just something...” Heejin repeated in a mere whisper. “You wrote for me.” 

“Did you like it?” 

In a loss of words, Heejin stood up, approached Hyunjin and leaned to kiss her lips. “It was beautiful. Thank you so much, Hyunjin, I loved it. I will always love every single song you write, or compose, because you’re amazing. I already know how talented you are, but time and time again, you manage to surprise me even more. And I don’t think you’ll ever stop surprising me.” 

Hyunjin remained silent, her lips a thin line, and Heejin wondered if she talked too much. Hyunjin set her guitar on the stand and stood up, just to bring Heejin to sit on the bed with her. 

“That would mean I’m always improving and showing you good music, so, I also hope I never stop surprising you.” 

“You won’t. Especially if you keep writing songs for me.” 

“Are you asking for more?” 

“N-Not necessarily.” 

Hyunjin chuckled. “I will write them, anyway. I may have been writing some more already...” 

“What? Seriously?” 

“Yes, but you won’t get to see them until they’re finished.” 

“I can live with that.” 

Hyunjin pecked her lips. “How’s your story?”  

“Good, I’m still working on the characters, both visually, and their personalities and backstories and all of that.” 

“I’m sure they’re great. And especially if the main character is based on me, I’m sure it’s a great and interesting character with a strong personality.” 

Heejin giggled. “Of course. She is, indeed. A very complex character.” 

“And beautiful.” 

“Yes, extremally beautiful. The most beautiful, in fact. Can you give me an opinion too?” 

“Of course.” 

Heejin brought her sketchbook to her lap and opened the page she was working on. 

“They’re great! Who are they?” 

“Vampire hunters. Her friends.” Heejin pointed to Selene’s love interest. 

Hyunjin took a closer look at that character, her eyes jumping between it and Heejin’s face. 

“What?” Heejin frowned. 

“She doesn’t look like you.” 

“Why would she?” 

“Isn’t she Selene’s love interest?” 

“Yes, but she’s not me. I’m not doing a self-insert.” 

“But I don’t want to date anyone beside you!” Hyunjin pouted. 

Heejin laughed and pinched her cheek. “They’re characters, Hyunjin. They’re not us.” 

“I know, I was joking. What’s her name, though?” 

“I still don’t know.” 

“Can I think of names and give suggestions?” 

“Of course!” 

“Oh, great! I’m so excited for your story.” 

“For real?”  

“Yes! You’ve been working so much on it, and you’re an incredible artist, I just know the story is gonna be amazing.” 

Heejin dropped her head, smiling. “Thank you, Hyunjin. That really means a lot.” 

“I’m always going to support you and your art. I can’t wait to see it ready and online.” 

“W-What do you mean?” 

“You’re going to upload your story, right? On one of those webtoon sites.” 

Heejin dropped her gaze. “I... I don’t know.” 

“Why? You’re working so hard! The world deserves to see your art!” 

“I know, but... I’m still not confident enough.” 

“Heejin...” She held her hands. 

“I almost gave up on drawing altogether,” Heejin admitted. “I was already accepting the fact that I would have to go to a maths college, but now I don’t know anymore.” 

“What? Giving up on drawing?! Why?” 

“Because I didn’t have any motivation, I felt like everything I did was garbage. And even though Ryujin and Chaewon used to tell me to not give up, I always felt like there was nothing for me to work hard for, you know? Until you sparked this idea on me, a character and a story I could care about and actually like. And then you showed so much enthusiasm about it, I felt like I had a reason to work on this.” 

“I... I didn’t know I had that much of an impact, but I’m glad I have, and I want to do everything I can to show you, to make you see how amazing you are. You have to believe in yourself and in your work, just like I do.” 

Heejin smiled. “I wish I had the same confidence as you.” 

“I can be confident about my music, but it doesn’t mean it’s always like that. I doubt myself sometimes, I wonder if I can really do it, but you’re always here, telling me how amazing I am and how good my work is, and that really makes me believe so.” 


Hyunjin nodded, caressing her cheek. “Really. Let’s do something. If we win the competition, you’ll upload your story.” 

Heejin widened her eyes. “W-What?” 

“It’s how much I believe in me and you. So, what do you say?” 

She was serious. 


“So that means either you don’t believe we’re gonna win, so you’re fine because-” 

“No, I do believe you’re gonna win! You guys are amazing, there’s no way you won’t.” 

Hyunjin gave her a satisfied smile and kissed her lips. “Deal, then. Now, if you’ll let me, I’m going to snuggle with you until they arrive for practice.” 

Heejin giggled, letting her body fall down to the mattress with Hyunjin glued to her. 


A/N: So this was the last drawing I made for this fic, it doesn't mean I don't have more... but you'll understand later what they are and what for keke

AND RYUJIN BEST GIRL!!! I hope everyone has watched Wannabe already, it's amazing, they're beautiful, and I seriously won't even start talking about Ryujin... 

Fairy Tale is my favorite 1/3 song, so I somehow had to add it in here keke it's just so cute sdigbsudigbsa 

So, now the bad news. The next chapter is the last one. It's a long chapter, though, and don't worry, everything that is still to happen, will happen! cough hyewon cough

 Thank you so much everyone who had read so far, and I hope you enjoy the last chapter ♥️

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