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The phases of Kim Hyunjin

“Even though she’s mostly on her strong side, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t surrender to her weaknesses and still chooses to run away from certain things, instead of facing them.” 

Maybe Heejin was being unfair. It was her suggestion to take things slow, after all. She couldn’t blame Hyunjin for not wanting to tell people about anything yet.  

But then again, why did it still hurt? Maybe it didn’t hurt, but it bothered her. There was this constant weird feeling in her gut that she would really love if it disappeared.  

“You okay?” Hyunjin asked as they walked to the garage. 

“Yes.” Heejin gave her a small smile, squeezing her hand. 

Hyunjin was the same with her, nothing changed, so why would she be the one feeling and turning things weird? She wouldn’t, because all Heejin wanted was to have a good time with Hyunjin, and the rest didn’t matter. 

She sat in Hyunjin’s bed, leaning against the pillows with her sketchbook, as always, doing some warmup sketches of Hyunjin, while Hyunjin wrote something down. Heejin was sure she was working on some lyrics, and the curiosity almost beat her, but she didn’t ask. 

“Do you mind if I put on some music?” Hyunjin asked. 

“Of course. What are you gonna do now?” 

“Read or work out.” 

Heejin inhaled sharply. “Alright.” 

Hyunjin chuckled. “You love it when I work out, don’t you?” 

“S-Shut up.” 

Hyunjin’s R&B and hip-hop playlist was her go-to choice for working out, and Heejin was sure she was now doing it on purpose. Doing her best at not looking at her too much, she kept her attention on her sketchbook, doodling weapons and equipment for the vampire hunters.  

But as she turned the page, searching for an empty one (don’t judge her, her sketchbook is a bit messy), she found the page with the whole list of possible names for her still nameless main character. 

“Hyunjin,” she called. “Is Selene your favorite goddess?” 

“How did you know?” 

Heejin beamed, making a big circle around the name with her pen. “I’ve been doing some research on mythology and such. She’s the goddess of the moon, so I wondered if she was your favorite.” 

“She is. Wait, is the character gonna be called Selene?” Hyunjin asked, even stopping lift-weighting. 

“Yes. Do you like it?” 

“It’s perfect! A character like me called Selene? Best character ever.” 

Heejin laughed, shaking her head. She drove her attention back to her sketchbook, skipping a few more pages. She had been thinking about what weapon should Selene use, and for some reason, a gun seems like the only and perfect choice. After drawing a couple random designs, she tried again, like this time it would be the one. 

“Hyunjin, what do you think?” Heejin asked, turning the page to show her the one she had just made. Her heart thumped in anticipation as Hyunjin looked away from the weight on her hand and widened her eyes.  

“What’s that?” 

“Selene’s weapon.” 

Hyunjin dropped her chin. “I was hoping you would say that but I didn’t want to get disappointed if it wasn’t.” 

“So, you like it?” 

“I love it! It’s beautiful, Heejin. The design is cool and badass, the moon phases... What is that on the handle, though?” 

“Oh, it’s a moonstone engraved on it. It’s always in contact with Selene’s skin when she holds it. It doesn’t give her any special powers, but she feels safe and stronger with it.” 

Hyunjin didn’t answer, and instead, stared at Heejin.  

“W-What? You think it’s lame?” Heejin looked down. 

“No! I just don’t know what else to say other than that it’s perfect. I love it, and it’s perfect.” 

Heejin breathed out and smiled, looking at her own drawing again.  

“Thank you.” That would be Selene’s weapon, and that was chosen.  

She turned the page again, and there was this page with random ideas she would love to happen in the story, and this one in specific that made her heart beat faster. Maybe one of the most intense moments in vampire stories in general, at least for Heejin.  

But for that one, she would like a little help. “How would you bite someone if you were a vampire?” 

Hyunjin stopped doing squats and stared at her. “What?” 

“If you were a vampire, and you were going to bite a person, how would you do it?” 

“I would go to the person and... bite their arm?” 

“I-I meant on the neck.” 

Hyunjin blinked, their eyes glued to each other. Heejin felt her cheeks heating up. 

“I wanted to draw this scene where Selene bites her, but I’m not sure how to. So I was asking how would you do it, you know, for visual reference and-” 

“You want me to demonstrate on you?” 


Hyunjin walked over and sat on the mattress beside her. “Alright. You asked.” 

Heejin gulped, and as Hyunjin scooted closer, she crawled back, making her sketchbook and pen fall to her side. This was only for artistic purposes, Heejin told herself. But then why was her heart beating so fast she could actually feel it in her chest? 

Because the reason didn’t matter when Hyunjin was so close to her. When her big hand rested on Heejin’s neck, and with her thumb on her jawline, she made her turn her face to the side. Her hair was pushed away, tucked behind her ear with care, and even though Heejin should have her eyes opened, because, well, she actually would appreciate some visual references, she couldn’t. She shut them down when Hyunjin’s breath ticked her neck, and unconsciously held her own, gripping on whatever her hands could grasp when Hyunjin held on her shoulder and dug her teeth on her neck.  

Heejin knew how sharp her canines were, but she didn’t expect to actually feel them prickling on her skin, and she swore she was trying her hardest to breathe normally, to not feel anything else, but she couldn’t stop the loud dry swallow and the sharp inhale. 

And as if everything going on wasn’t enough to leave Heejin in a state she didn’t expect to be, she still had to feel Hyunjin’s lips brushing on her skin as she pulled away.  

A wave of shame washed over Heejin, of the way that simple action with no other intentions left her. She didn’t want to open her eyes, to find Hyunjin staring at her chest raising too fast, at how red her face probably was. 

“Sorry, was it too much?” Hyunjin asked. 

She forced her eyes to open, to surprisingly find Hyunjin in the same state. She kneeled in front of her, staring down at her lap, and now Heejin didn’t feel so ashamed anymore.  

“Hyunjin,” she called in a whisper, making her meet her eyes. Heejin urged forward, sitting, her hands crawling up Hyunjin’s strong arms and taking their turn to rest on her neck. “C-Can I kiss you?” 

And in the following moments of silent, the music that still played in the background spoke for them. 

And she said do what you wish 
It's yours, it's yours 

“You heard it,” Hyunjin mumbled, her hands resting on Heejin’s lower back to pull her closer. 

Maybe Heejin still felt a bit ashamed for the way she pulled Hyunjin to her and kissed her with so much urgency from the beginning, and more intently than they ever kissed before. But it was Hyunjin we’re talking about. Heejin wouldn’t blame herself, but Hyunjin instead. No one told her to be that beautiful, and to leave Heejin in the mess she always left, and to bite her neck- wait, Heejin did ask for that part. Well, maybe Heejin was to blame, after all. 

That didn’t matter though, when Hyunjin kissed her back with the same intensity, and grasped on her clothes the same way as Heejin held on her shoulders, and it all felt way too hot. It was not butterflies or a knot on her stomach. It was a fire burning, crawling on her skin, a will stronger than herself commanding her body to get even closer to Hyunjin’s and to sit on her lap. 

But Hyunjin pulled away, and Heejin thought she had ruined everything. 

“Do you wanna see my tattoo?”  

“Your... your tattoo?” 

“The one no one knows about.” 

Heejin only nodded. Hyunjin pushed her away just enough to swing her jumper up her head, throwing it aside. Heejin remembered she had seen Hyunjin in sports tops already, that time when Jiwoo tricked her. But of course it hit differently now.  

But wait... Where was the tattoo? 

Even if Heejin had prepared herself, or wondered where it could be, she did before, of course, she still wouldn’t be able to breathe or stop her eyes from widening when Hyunjin removed her bra. 

She tried not to stare down too much, but how couldn’t she? Because, aside from the fact that Hyunjin was the most beautiful thing Heejin had ever seen in her life, the tattoo was right there.  

A mere inch long butterfly sat on her chest, right between her s. And just like with her moon phase tattoo, Heejin had an urge to touch it.  

“Go ahead,” Hyunjin said. 

Heejin widened her eyes for a second. Did she just read her mind? She wouldn’t be surprised if she actually had powers by now. Heejin reached, slowly, until her fingertips met the ink on her skin. There wasn’t the same roughness to it as there was to the moon phase one.  

“Why a butterfly?” Heejin asked. 

“My grandma loved butterflies. Whenever she saw one, she would tell me, be proud to be a caterpillar today, because one day, you’ll blossom beautifully like a butterfly. It’s sad that she isn’t around anymore to see the butterfly I became.” 

Heejin held her hands. “I know she would be so, so proud of you for what you’ve become, Hyunjin. And she’s right. You did blossom into someone beautiful, with such a big heart.” 

Hyunjin’s lips twitched. “Big heart, you mean...” 

“Y-Yah, I really meant your heart!” 

Hyunjin burst out laughing, and Heejin stared at her with a dropped chin and heated cheeks. “Why did you show it to me?” 

“I was feeling very hot, so it was an excuse to undress myself.” Hyunjin shrugged, earning a slap on her arm. “Because I wanted to. I wanted you to see it, to know about it and the story behind it.” 

“It’s beautiful.” Heejin couldn’t help but take another look. 


“Yes.” Heejin flared her nostrils, not minding to hide how she admired Hyunjin. All of what she could see of her. “You really are the most beautiful person in the world. All of you, Hyunjin.” 

“I was pretty sure was the one talking to the most beautiful person in the world. The one with the most beautiful, deep voice, and these cute little moles,” Hyunjin said, boping the one in her right cheek, and then the one by her left eye, making Heejin giggle.  

Hyunjin cupped her cheeks and approached to kiss her lips once more. Heejin gripped on her exposed shoulders, trying to focus on everything happening in that moment, but the same thing that had been bothering her lately came back with those beautiful words. She pulled away and stared at Hyunjin’s eyes, those light brown eyes she would never get tired of looking at. 

“Do you like me, Hyunjin?” 

“Yes, of course I do.” 

“Then be my girlfriend.” 

Hyunjin blinked and remained silent. 

“I know I was the one saying to take things slow, but...” Heejin took a deep breath. “Ever since Hyejoo asked you about us and you tried to avoid it, I... I’ve been thinking.” 

And when Hyunjin kept silent once more, dropping her head, Heejin had an urge to leave. “I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything-” 

“I want to,” Hyunjin blurted. “When Hyejoo asked me that, I didn’t know what to answer. I wanted to say we’re together, but I was not sure about how you felt about it. That’s why I tried to avoid it.”  

“You’re... you’re not afraid anymore?” 

“No. I’m not afraid because it’s you, and I want to be with you, Heejin. Not only when we’re here alone. I want to hold your hand in front of everyone, I want to kiss you whenever I feel like it. I want to be your girlfriend.” 

“Then you’re my girlfriend, and I’m yours.” 

Hyunjin smiled, the shy one that Heejin found the most adorable, and pecked her lips. 

“I love you, Hyunjin." 

“I love you too.” 

Heejin’s hand s to the back of Hyunjin’s neck, so she could pull her girlfriend in for another kiss. And the thought that she was kissing her girlfriend made Heejin smile. 

“You love to kiss me that much, don’t you?” Hyunjin asked in a clear teasing tone. 

“Why, you don’t?” 

“I’m not complaining.” 

And Hyunjin kissed her with such intensity and passion it sent the same fire from before, burning on Heejin’s skin. Her hands roamed on Hyunjin’s bare back, pulling her closer. 

“I-I don’t have any tattoo to show, but I’m kinda hot, so...” 

Hyunjin smirked, an eyebrow raising. Heejin expected another tease, but Hyunjin didn’t say a word, and instead, pulled Heejin’s sweater over her head.  

Should Heejin feel embarrassed? Because she didn’t, not one bit. It felt like the most natural thing to her, and as Hyunjin kissed her shoulder, Heejin laid down, attending her silent request. 

“Alexa, stop,” Hyunjin said, and the music stopped. “Wasn’t feeling it anymore.” 

Heejin giggled, but when Hyunjin came closer again, skin with skin and lips on her neck, she had to suppress a groan instead. 


A/N: I kinda love Hyunjin's canines, does it show much? lmao

I lied in the previous A/N, I thought my favorite drawing was in this chapter, but it's in fact in the next one keke, but still, I also love the design for the gun I came up with, I was actually very proud of it ahahaha AND HER CHARACTER FINALLY HAS A NAME!!! :D

This is hands down my fav chapter. I imagined this bite scene ever since before I started writing the story, and I just knew I NEEDED TO ADD IT. Hope everyone loved it as much as I loved writing it, seriously, I was dying while I was writing this... I was just so excited

Oh, and that song that spoke for Hyunjin is Dean's Put my hands on you :))

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