Unresolved tension

The phases of Kim Hyunjin

“She thought that allowing herself to open up completely, to expose her wounds, meant showing her weak side, the one she never wanted to show. But in fact, those were exactly her strongest moments.” 

It was about time Heejin gave her heroine a name. She wasn't just some heroine, she was the tough, strong vampire fighting many internal and external battles. And her love interest was just as anonymous at this point.  

Maybe it would be a good idea to search up for goddesses. Or ask Hyunjin about her favorite one. Nah... that would be too easy. But could it hurt, now that she blatantly knew the character was her? 

Heejin mused about her story on her way to school, the flow of her imagination distracting her from the dullness of the same old path. But her train of thoughts was interrupted the second she found Hyunjin on the intersection where they would have to follow different paths to their houses. She leaned against a wall, hands inside the pockets of her crossed, long jacket that suited her so well and made her look so cool. 

Heejin couldn’t imagine a better way to start the day. She approached and the sound of her steps caught her attention. Hyunjin stood and opened her arms, making Heejin beam and rush to her warm embrace. 

“Good morning,” Hyunjin said, squeezing her smaller body with her strong arms. 

Heejin pulled away just enough to kiss her cheek, one that left Hyunjin with that cute canine-showing-smile that Heejin could barely handle. “Good morning. Did you wait a lot? Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” 

“I didn’t wait long. And wasn’t it a great surprise?” 

“It was, but I don’t want you to wait for me in this cold.” 

“It’s not cold.” 

“Now that I arrived?”  

Heejin held her laugh when Hyunjin started walking without her. She rushed to her side, peeking at her without hiding her giggles, but didn’t say anything to embarrass her either. 

“Will you come every day now?” Heejin asked. 

“Do you want me to?” 

“Of course.” 

“Then I will.” 

“And will you wait for me and go with me as well?” 

Hyunjin frowned. “Weren’t you talking about that just now?” 

“Hm? I was talking about coming to school.” 

“Oh.” Hyunjin looked at the other side. 

“Wait, so that means you were already thinking about coming to school every day.” 

“S-Shut up.” 

Heejin laughed, grabbing her arm and leaning onto her side. “You’re so cute.” 

Hyunjin didn’t answer, and Heejin couldn’t see her cheeks because she had hidden them on her jacket collar, but she was sure they were red. 

They kept walking in silence now, and as the wind blew harder, a shiver ran down Heejin’s body. Without a word, Hyunjin grabbed her hand, intertwining their fingers, and stuffed their clasped hands on the big pocket of her jacket. Heejin looked up at her and she kept hiding her face, eyes ahead, like nothing had happened.  

Words weren’t necessary, anyway. The warmth of Hyunjin’s hand was enough to speak for herself, and warm her up so much it didn’t matter if the wind blew anymore. 

They reached school, and Heejin was about to remove her hand from her pocket, but the second she tried, Hyunjin squeezed it harder, keeping it in place. 

“It’s okay,” she said, meeting Heejin’s eyes for a split second.  

People looked, and Heejin noticed the curious eyes on them, but she didn’t mind a bit. In fact, it was like her chest inflated with pride.  

They turned to Heejin’s classroom corridor, and Chaewon stood at the entrance, talking with Hyejoo.  

“Do you, perhaps, know... how Hyejoo feels about Chaewon?” Heejin asked in a low tone, as they stopped and kept some distance as to not interrupt them. Chaewon said something, motioning a lot with her hands, making Hyejoo laugh, and it was an adorable thing to watch. 

“She doesn’t talk about that. I tried to ask and to get something from her, but she would avoid it, normally-” 

Heejin looked at her when she stopped mid-sentence. “Yes?” 

“She would tease me a-about you. But about the, I think it’s obvious.” 

“I thought I was obvious too.” Heejin giggled. 

“Yeah, that’s what she teased me about.” Hyunjin pouted. 

Heejin peeked at her, and it was so cute she had to get a hold on herself not to hug and kiss her right there. “I’m sorry, I was joking.” 

“I know. Chaewon is very obvious. I was not sure about Hyejoo, but now I think I am.” 

“I hope they talk their feelings out. They look so cute together.” 

“More than us?” 

Heejin looked at her, biting on her lip not to smile too much. “No.” 

“Thought so.” 

“Always so confident. I love that.” 

“What’s not to be confident about?” 

Heejin chuckled. “You’re very right, you have all the reasons to be confident.” 

“Oh? And what reasons are those you talk about?” 

Heejin gulped. A hand grabbed on Hyunjin’s arm. “What’s happening today? First Hyejoo with Chaewon, now you with Heejin, stop flirting you guys!” Ryujin said, dragging her away with Hyejoo on the other side. 

“H-Hey!” Hyunjin protested. 

“I don’t wanna be late to class, and plus, that’s making me sad that I don’t have anyone to flirt with!” Ryujin whined through the corridor. 

“I’ll see you at lunch!” Heejin giggled as she watched Ryujin dragging her, and Hyunjin waved at her. 

Chaewon still stood by the door, crossed arms and irking an eyebrow at Heejin as she approached. 

“What were you doing with Hyunjin?” 

“What were you doing with Hyejoo?” 


“Yeah, same.” Heejin stepped inside, sitting down on her chair. 

“What happened?” 

“I could ask the same.” 

Chaewon whined. 

“I’ll tell you if you tell me,” Heejin said. 

“N-Nothing much. Yesterday Yerim stayed for longer at school and me and Hyejoo ended up walking home together, but then we spent some time at the park near my house.” 

Heejin smirked, nodding. “And...?” 

“And nothing. We just talked a lot about games and food.” 

“And that’s the reason why you were together already in the morning? To talk more about food and games?” 

“We just met at the entrance, and she said she would take me here. What about you, hm? Finally talked with Hyunjin?” 

“I didn’t go talk to her, but I found her yesterday on my way home, and I decided to stop being a coward. We talked about what happened, and... she didn’t reject me after all.” 

Chaewon petrified. “Wait, so that means... she likes you? You're dating?!” 

“Keep your voice down!” Heejin looked around. “We’re not really dating, I guess. We decided to take things slow. But yes, she likes me.” And as Heejin said those words, her chin dropped. “She likes me, Chaewon. She actually likes me back.” 

“Okay, I got that already-” 

“Fine, but will you just let me say that out loud as many times as I want? Because it feels so good to say it. A-And we kissed, and-” 

“Wow, what?!” Chaewon gasped. “Jeon Heejin!” 

Heejin buried her face in her hands, feeling it heat up by the second. Chaewon hit her shoulder, her teasing laughs embarrassing her even more. “I’m sorry, it was very TMI, but it feels like it just hit me.” 

“Oh, not TMI at all, do tell.” 

Heejin glared at her.  


Heejin was way fond of the routine she had in place for a while now. Finishing classes to go to Hyunjin’s corner and after being done with school stuff, Heejin would dive into her story and Hyunjin into her guitar or lyrics, or working out, something that messed Heejin’s heart even more now.  

This Friday though, it would be different. 

“Heejin!” Haseul beamed as she stepped into the garage, followed by her band mates. “I hope you’re excited.” 

“So much, thank you so much for inviting me.” Heejin smiled back, greeting them. 

“I had already, back in the first night.” Jungeun winked at her, and she let out a nervous giggle, instinctively checking for Hyunjin’s reaction. Either she didn’t hear, since she had her attention on the guitar on her lap, or she didn’t care.  

Did any of them even know? It was not like they were officially dating, anyway. There was no need to announce anything. 

Heejin sat by the corner, observing as they prepared their instruments, needless to say this means she was observing Hyunjin 90% of the time.   

“Let’s start with Loonatic?” Haseul asked. 

A rush of excitement washed over Heejin as Hyejoo hit her drumsticks and the song started. And after Loonatic, here came Heejin’s favorite song – Uncover. It felt like it hit differently now that she knew Hyunjin wrote it thinking about her, and she couldn’t help but feel her face warming up. 

“Heejin, you’re gonna have the privilege of listening to our newest song, the one we’re practicing the most for the upcoming band battle,” Haseul said. “It’s very rough, and we’re only practicing the instrumental yet, but even so, can you tell us your opinion?” 

“Y-Yes, of course!”  

Heejin shared a look with Hyunjin, giving her best at not smiling too brightly.  

Haseul turned to the band, then gave them a nod. As always, Hyejoo hit her drumsticks to give the countdown, and it felt like the mix of the different sounds made Heejin hold her breath from second one. They weren’t your traditional rock band. It wasn’t heavy, it wasn’t loud or messy. Heejin may not understand much about music and all of that, but she could hear, feel how every sound blended and fit perfectly, in a melody that sounded almost magical. 

They finished the song and everyone turned to Heejin, whose chin was still dropped.  

“So?” Jungeun asked. 

“I-It’s amazing. And it’s only the instrumental, and a practice. Seriously guys, you’re out of this world.” 

“Hyunjin deserves the praise, she did almost everything,” Jinsol said. 

Heejin blinked, staring at Hyunjin. 

“Alright, let’s do it again,” she said, not even meeting Heejin’s stare.  

“Before we go on,” Haseul said, raising her hand. “Jungeun, you were a bit too fast this song. Try to pay more attention to the rhythm we’re setting.” 

Jungeun nodded, avoiding Haseul’s eyes. 

They were almost reaching the chorus when Haseul raised her hand again. “Guys.” Her voice made them stop. “Jungeun, you’re rushing again. Alright, from the start.” 

And again, Jungeun nodded, but Heejin could see how her face became a different color. They restarted the song, and to Heejin, it sounded just as good, but Haseul made them stop again. 

“What did I do now?” Jungeun spoke first, though. 

“You’re not following the rest, it’s like you’re playing on your own.” 

“I don’t feel that way. I don’t see it.” 

“Well I do, and it’s throwing off my focus.” 

Jungeun rolled her eyes, sighing. 

“Don’t make that face. I’m only trying to make us the best we can be-” 


“Jungeun!” Haseul’s voice boomed. “Can you act more professional here?” 

“Oh, alright, because you interrupting every single time because of your pettiness is very professional.” 

“Guys,” Hyunjin called, but it was ignored. 

“I’m not being petty, I’m trying my best here as a leader to make sure everything is perfect!” 

“So you don’t have anything to correct on the others? I’m the only one that’s ruining everything, right? As per usual.” Jungeun spat, her eyebrows drawn together. 

“And who the hell is saying that?”  

“You, clearly-” 

“Enough!” Hyejoo shouted, so loud it managed to break their argument and catch everyone’s attention. “If you don’t stop letting your stupid ual tension interfere with the band, I will corner both of you and stick each of my drumsticks where the sun doesn’t shine. Get a ing room.” 

Heejin widened her eyes, trying not to show too much of the shock on her face. Jinsol gasped though, taking her hand to hide the amusement on her face. “They already share a room,” she mumbled, still audible for everyone. 

“H-Hyejoo!” Haseul cleared . “No swearing!” 

“So you’re just going to ignore what she said to tell her off for swearing?” Hyunjin said, and even though she seemed calm, Heejin could see how she gripped on her guitar. “Hyejoo is right, and you know it. If every practice is going to be like this, I’d rather not practice at all.”  

“I’ll just leave then.” Jungeun stood up and laid her bass on the bench. 

“That was not-” Hyunjin started, but Jungeun stormed off anyway. 

“What suits her best. If she needs a break, she needs a break.” Haseul shrugged. “Let’s continue?” 

“Seriously?” Hyunjin frowned. “Aren’t you the leader? Solve this right now!” 

There was silence for a few seconds, the atmosphere so tense Heejin felt a weight on her chest.  

Haseul stood up at last. “Alright, I’m sorry. I’ll go talk to her.” And she ran after Jungeun, wherever she went. 

Hyunjin let out a long, deep sigh, laying her guitar on the ground beside her. “I’m sorry you had to see this,” she told Heejin. 

“Yeah, we’re not like this normally,” Jinsol said. 

“It’s okay, I just hope they sort things out.” 

“Us too.” Hyejoo stood up from her bench, stretching up her arms. “What’s wrong with them? How is it possible for two people who live together to have so much unresolved tension?” 

“I don’t know, and I wouldn’t care much if it didn’t affect the band, but now that it is, they better talk about it and solve it,” Jinsol said. 

“And get laid or something,” Hyejoo added. 

Jinsol snorted. “Did you see their faces when you said that? I could barely hold my laugh.” 

Hyunjin sighed again, and all Heejin wanted to do was to get to her side, hug her, kiss her, tell her sweet things, but... she couldn’t yet. 

“S-So, that means they like each other?” Heejin asked. 

“It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? They’re blind or something.” Hyejoo shook her head. 

“You’re one to talk,” Hyunjin said. 

Hyejoo’s eyebrows raised on her forehead as she eyed Heejin for a second. “Me? Sure you wanna talk about it?” 

“Yah, wanna die?”  

Hyejoo laughed. “Seriously, though, how are things?” 

“What things?” Hyunjin asked. 

Hyejoo irked an eyebrow. “You and Heejin, of course.” 

Jinsol kept quiet, sitting and hiding with her hand, her eyes jumping between them. Heejin could tell she was enjoying observing this whole conversation, but her own breath got stuck now. 

“We’re good, thank you.” 

Hyejoo shook her head with a chuckle, but didn’t say anything else. 

Heejin stared at Hyunjin until she met her eyes, and for some reason, there was this pain on her chest. 


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