Only Forever

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How long could you wait for the love of your life to decide you are his as well? How many times could you witness all his best moments of winning over agencies and the amount of clothes left overnight from his daily one night stands?

How long could you wait for the love of your life to decide you are his as well? How many times could you witness all his best moments of winning over agencies and the amount of clothes left overnight from his daily one night stands?






“What if I told you it's too late?

What if I say that I can't wait?

What if I meet somebody else who doesn't leave me on a shelf?

I'll give you one more chance, but it only lasts…”

Only Forever
Demi Lovato


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Randevu at 3am |
— Model au, different universe ✨💐💄💋🖤



"oooh here we go again"

Hello! Welcome to a Baekhyun x You fic. I can't wait to wreck my own existence by having to write these modeling and other steamy scenes >////<. Let's quickly go over the contents!


This story will contain:

(some full-on and other nondescript scenes—I'm trying something new by blending the two hehe, but trust me, Baekhyun is FILTHY bye-)

Fluff, these two idiotic main characters are soft for each other


partying, the use of —characters that will make you so frustrated you'll need to put down your phone

Viewer discretion is advised.


That 16+ chapters I mentioned a year ago? Yeah—we going 30+ now. Blame Baekhyun, not me! The only reason is because I want to update more often (with less strain on my hands)

You will either hate or love OC (you)


This will be my first full-length, 2nd pov story because I wanna try everything :P so let's see how it goes! 🖤 Thank you for checking this story out~ Feel free to subscribe, leave a comment, constructive criticism feedback, or drop an upvote!! ^-^


I'm a busy lady, and doing these things motivates me to keep providing these stories for you.


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Here are additional disclaimers if you want to read:


The plot and characters within this story are pure fiction from my mind and deep-sleep dreams. Any similarities between mine and another story are a pure coincidence.

I'II will always mention where I do take the inspiration from to create my original works, whether music, movie, author, etc.

Every artist/author deserves credit when credit is due! And I don't want any misunderstandings and issues like plagiarizing.

Don't plagiarize my work! Especially my chaptered ones. Please respect my countless sleepless nights of developing plots and important scenes.

Please always read the tags and the section above before reading the story in case of trigger warnings.

Have in mind that reading comments may contain spoilers.

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◤Off The Rails◢
"Prequel" to Need

You remembered the first time you met, passing his figure that was enveloped in a cloud of smoke; a cancerous stick held between his fingertips.

You knew he was trouble, knew the chaos he comes with. Yet every time he had to skip town, you wished… he’d come back for you instead.

Rated TW

(mafia!au, action, weapons, angst, explicit , etc.)


Royal Pains

Byun Baekhyun was never an easy man to please.

He's belligerent, impatient, and way too stiff for a man in his late-twenties.

And if he's a cold-blooded king, you are his ice queen to match.

Rated M


A Triple Threat

It's in that moment that you really realize the position you are in.

Baëkhyun's got you right where he wants you.

Baëkhyun x You x Baekhyun. Rated M


"Sequel" to ◤Off The Rails◢

There's just something 'bout your mafia lord boyfriend... maybe it's the rattlesnake bite.

Rated M


A Party For Two


You won't give in. He won't give up.

The game is at stake - the lines are blurred, but Baekhyun is persistent through and through.

After all, it's a party for two.

Rated M


Something Bout You


Quite a few heads turn whenever you mention your preferences in bed. You're used to it. What you aren't used to is someone being adamant about getting to know you... and you considering getting to know them too.

Rated M


You Like That?


You love your boyfriend whose duality changes like the wind, and if you could, you'd skip class more often to spend time with him in a heartbeat.

Rated M


Randevu At 3am


Dating a model isn't easy. The times apart are long and nights together are short. It's hard keeping a low profile to protect his image—especially with other women hanging off of his arm.

Rated M


Fallen (Apart)

You are falling apart, but you have others counting on you. You still have parts of him that love and depend on you.

He can't risk falling apart. You are depending on him and he cannot under any circumstances afford to lose you.

(angst, "two-shot", family!au) Contains cursing



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How long could you wait for the love of your life to decide you are his as well? How many times could you witness all his best moments of winning over agencies and the amount of clothes left overnight from his daily one night stands?

FRIENDS TO LOVERS! au, slice of life, romance, fluff, angst,

Normal [M]


Rough [M]



All I know is that one day my boyfriend and lifelong best friend disappeared. No word of him from anyone. No trace of him anywhere. And after 6 agonizing months, they concluded that he is dead. So why the fuxk do I seeing him strolling around town at 3am?

“You think you know me?” He chuckles darkly; piercing green eyes seeming to see into my soul, “You haven’t seen nothing yet.”



Baekhyun came up out of the ground decades ago. He's a psychotic and lethal demon who escaped from Hell. He’s ruthless, bloodthirsty, and boiling hot to the touch like lava in his full form, yet he has piqued interest in you... He knows how to play fair… As long as you know you are his.

Intense [M]



Normal [M]


They say life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you'll get. Well, you'd like to think of Baekhyun as the color honey, made up of different shades. Never knowing which one you'll see.

romance, angst, heavy angst (more details in google form), , break up - make up



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