Lars & the Off Colors’ Fantastical Etherian Escapade


Reposted from the original on Archive of Our Own. OCAC stands for Off Colors Astral Cruiser, while Maynilà is the Filipino name for the city of Manila, Peri stands for Peridot, RT stands for Rutile Twins, Apta is the nickname for Entrapta, Perfuma is the nickname for Fuma, and Pappy stands for Padparadscha. I also took some inspiration from my silly story, “Revenge of Pink Steven and the Bento Brawl” ( I used information from the pages for Steven Universe, the Off Colors, Spinnerella, Netossa, Thaymor, Elberon, Alwyn, and Plumeria on their respective fandom sites. My stories, like this one and the last one, are tending toward space opera, but not totally: "It soon came to be applied instead to colourful action-adventure stories of interplanetary or interstellar conflict. Although the term still retains a faint pejorative implication, it is frequently used with nostalgic affection, applying to space-adventure stories which have a calculatedly romantic element" as defined by the SF Encyclopedia entry ( The programs of Alwyn are based on those of the Paris Commune which existed from March to May 1871, ruling Paris. I again reference the show, Tactical Roar, when Pappy says “Aye, shorty!” The words “inuu spaziu-tempu” is Corsican for “space-time continuum.” I later improved this story by watching “The Off Color Gems & Their Symbolism Explained,” narrated by Kris Carr on NerdWire ( I further referenced Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy when they are approaching Etheria, just for fun.


Steven and the Gems have a talk with the Off Colors about the battle with a spacecraft manned by Bonnie and Marcy, the latter who are now one year in the future. Everything quickly gets out of hand, as Steven’s temper flairs, leading them to their next adventure beyond the stars…

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